Live life, but not too hard

May 4, 2011
By Anikachu333 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
Anikachu333 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
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I feel like high school’s the same routine. Go in right from middle school and try to fit in. Spend money to buy things to impress people that you shouldn’t really care about in the first place. And oh boy, don’t forget trying to “fit in” and trying so damn hard to find a place to belong that your grades slip faster then a wet kid on a slip and slide. I wish one thing we knew upon entering high school and that all incoming freshmen knew was that even though it’s just four years of your life, at the same time it doesn’t matter at all and it does matter a lot. By that I mean, your grades, and keeping them up is crucial. Your freshmen through junior year grades matter a lot more then you think and if you slack off you will keep slacking off and when you realize you want to be somewhere in life, then it’ll be too late.

So don’t SLACK off because recovering from a professional procrastinator takes more strength then recovering from rehab. And those of you who kept your grades up and did everything else, then you are to be worshipped. Now then along with slacking off, you have to know one or two things. The people you meet in high school, yes you’ll keep in touch with a couple but by the looks of it, chances are everyone will be going totally different paths so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Live your life by your rules. And I don’t mean like totally let go of your manners and snap at everyone everyday like a sadist whose only future is a raggedy old cat lady in life, but by that I mean just don’t pay attention to what anyone says to or about you. Live your life how you want too. But don’t live by the whole, “Oh live every day like it’s your last because you might get hit by a big yellow school bus or something” theory. I mean personally, if I lived every day like my last and got into as much trouble as I would living every day like it’s my last, I’m not gonna get hit by a bus or get shot, I’ll get put in jail and live to be 89.

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