Don't judge a sport by it's cover

June 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Do you think that football is a dangerous sport? Well thats how I used to think. When I watched TV and they had football games, people get hurt when they got tackled.” How do football players stand the pain when they get tackled?”I wondered.

All through my life I was afraid to get near any type of football game. Thats is until I reached 7th grade. My friends introduced me into football. The first time they asked me to play football with them, I said yes. I felt very nervous and I was afraid I might embarrass myself, because I didn’t know the rules to the game but I agreed to play, because I didn’t want them to think I was a wimp. It turned out that I was right. I was really bad I didn’t know how to catch the ball right or throw it right. Mostly every time they threw it to me I closed my eyes and dropped the ball, and every time I tried to throw the football, it spun like a top and nobody could catch it. But I noticed that after many games and many practices, I started getting better at it. Every time I played football I felt more confidence about it than when I first started. There are two types of football the safe one to play is two-handed touch and the idangerous one to play is what you see on Tv and is also the one that you get hurt alot. My advice to you is stick with the safe one. “Don’t come blaming me if you crack a few bones trying to play the dangerous one.

When I started 8th grade, I was looking forward to playing more football with my friends, and I did. After all this my advice to you is that “Don’t judge something by just looking at it”. Try it before you judging it maybe you would like it. Well football isn’t such a bad sport after all. Next time you play a sport you think is dangerous try it first maybe you will like it.

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