Jedi: Goodor Power Crazy?

May 25, 2011
By Mandalore331 SILVER, Brighton, Michigan
Mandalore331 SILVER, Brighton, Michigan
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This issue of My Views talks about Jedi from all points of views. We will see if the Jedi are actually the ones who help others or just want power to rule and deceive others. Then you will be able to decide if the Jedi are nice or just want power. We will see the Jedi from their point of view, the Siths point of view, and my all time favorite the Mandalorians.

First, we will be hearing from the Jedi’s side of the story. I have a quote from the book Order 66 by Karen Travis, ‘ “You know the Sith are bad Kal”. Zey sounded tired. “We try to save others from their deaths and resolve the conflict.”(158). That explains what the Jedi think of the Sith and what they should be doing. This is what they are doing in the Clone Wars, ‘ “I know Jedi are supposed to be nice and protect and stop violence and that stuff, but what they are doing right know is just fighting a war. That is not what a true Jedi would do.” (134). That was from the book True Colors by Karen Travis.

Secondly, we will be looking at the Jedi from the Sith’s point of view; now the Sith have been the Jedi’s enemy for a long time. With the formalities set aside we can see that the Sith only like themselves and of course think the Jedi are to be destroyed. This is a quote from The Phantom Menace the movie, ‘ “At last we will come out of hiding, at last we will have our revenge.” Darth Maul said softly. “Patience, Darth Maul you have one more assignment. You must go to Tatooine and kill the Jedi there, then we will attack the council. Then we will have our revenge.” The mysterious man left with Darth Maul.’ Wow that guy seems to have to let of some steam. That was Darth Maul, and Darth Sidious of the last of the Sith, a big round of applause.

Lastly, we will be looking from the point of view of the Mandalorians. Now in the previous article we said that Mandalorians had an explosive past with the Jedi. This is a quote to establish how explosive the conflict was, ‘Obi-Wan shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t know Jango was a Mandalorian. That certainly was unexpected. The Jedi never did have a great time with Mandalorians. Ever sense the Mandalorian war with Mandalore The Ultimate.” (The Attack of the Clones). That was Kenobi confiding in Ko Sai about Jango, the clone template. Just goes to show that the Mandas also thought the Jedi were a pile of crap.

So what do you think? It is a tough choice I think. In the movies Jedi are the good guys and everyone else who apposes them is the enemy. In the books the Jedi are good yes, but not the peace people they say they are.

The author's comments:
I decided to see about the different views of the Jedi

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