Impact of the Internet

March 27, 2011
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The internet is a useful tool that can be used for many resources such as, surfing the web to learn facts, playing games, typing research papers, learning how to do certain things, or using social networks. The internet has made a great impact on our lives today and has changed us as individuals. The internet was developed by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, in 1964 starting with the research messaging between UCLA and the Stanford University Research Institute in 1969. The two universities started a new beginning to world culture by sending messages to one another regarding research information from their Institute. The internet started as an idea of sending emails evolving to one of the most important communication tools to this day. The internet is used for many positive useful matters, but peoples of our society use the internet for negative manners that may harm themselves either mentally or physically.

People are impacted by the internet and are strongly influenced by how they should be as an individual. The internet started out as a messaging tool to communicate with others rather than using the telephone. The communication eventually developed from friendly conversations to cyber bullying. People, especially children, used the internet as a gateway to escape their true personal identity. Many people are two faced because when on the internet they may either become a beast or a beauty; usually the opposite of who they really are. They may think that the internet is a blockade or brick wall where they are unstoppable and they can do whatever they desire. If they bully someone online they may envision that they can’t suffer any consequences and may think that they are superior to everyone else. People have fun teasing others and enjoy it, but I honestly don’t know how people can be so cruel and rude. If someone can’t say something to your face than they aren’t a strong bodied individual because they should be able to possess the characteristic of being strong minded not ill minded. Cyber bullying can lead to changed personalities to suit other people’s needs or can even lead to death. Many people who are victims of bullying can’t take harsh opinions from other people, although they don’t realize that people are ignorant to themselves. Parents make a great impact in our lives because they help us through tough times and most of the time knows what their child is going through. A close relationship with your parents is good because if someone is bullying you and you tell your parents, rather than keeping it to yourself, you can possibly save your life from depression or death.

The internet promotes many things and we are strongly influenced by others ways of life. Music, clothing, hobbies, and personal identities are shared and expressed throughout the internet. The viewers of the internet follow the internet to know what is “in” or what is “out.” Many people listen to people on how to live their lives from videos, who they don’t even know. Celebrities influence many people of different lifestyles whether it is good or bad. We, as individuals, think that since celebrities are doing something that we must do it too because it must be ok. The internet has developed many different ways to either promote ideas or promote aspects of life. The researching and communication tools used amongst the internet today promote communication, expression, and how to accomplish certain tasks.

The internet is used for many positive useful matters, but peoples of our society use the internet for negative manners that may harm themselves either mentally or physically. Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, AOL, Google, Yahoo, Oovoo, Skype, and Twitter all influence our everyday lives. People spend hours upon hours on these websites talking to other people, promoting an idea, bullying others, or researching a topic. People’s lives revolve around the internet, which eventually over time will damage you mentally. Our world is becoming a world of the unknown, a world of technology that we will soon not be able to control. All aspects of technology, to communication techniques, to socializing with others, to easier ways to complete tasks at hand, and to developing ways of living is being transformed into technology and based upon the internet. Now a days, all you hear about is the internet, cyber bullying problems in school, pornography, education problems within schools, and people being illiterate. The internet has caused us, as individuals, to develop certain ways of learning and reading on the internet, which causes many to not learn as efficiently and to lack the common sense knowledge of everyday life. We are letting something such as, the internet, take over our world and change us as a society although it is something inhumane and less dominant than human beings. If we keep relying on the internet for everyday sources rather than natural books and pen and paper, then maybe one day the internet may even become a more dominant power than humans can control.

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