The Swearing Addiction

March 7, 2011
By Anonymous

What is with cussing these days? I mean can’t a guy go through a normal day at high school without hearing idiots cussing all over the place. I don’t think it makes them feel any better, so why do they do it? To me it seems like a waste of breath, no one is going to be impressed or congratulate them for it, unless of course they have an IQ equivalent to a gerbil’s, or they are just plain idiots. I think some people swear just to hear them selves talk.
Maybe for some reason they think that people will like them more if we cuss at them.
I submit that this is very pointless logic I doubt that anyone enjoys hearing people swear it’s vulgar and it’s rude. In the P.E. locker room, I hear the F-bomb dropped at least thirty times plus a string of other vulgar words in the short two minutes it takes for me to get dressed. This irks me because I think deep inside everyone knows that it’s wrong to cuss and bully, but people do it anyway. I guess they just are not creative enough to discover another way to express themselves.
I realize that freedom of speech is one of our basic constitutional rights, but I think somehow we ought to have the freedom to not be forced to listen to profanity. I don’t think it’s right for a person to say the F word or the S word or any other derogatory term when they drop something. When we do this, guess what, were just saying that were miserable, and we make lots of others around us miserable, whether they know it or not. Maybe those who swear don’t realize how offensive their language is. My next question is Why do some people think swearing is so addicting? Swearing doesn’t have nicotine in it or caffeine, but some people once they start apparently don’t know how to stop, it is terrible. I never swear ever, I am firmly against it. It is offensive and in my personal opinion, just plain flat out stupid. In conclusion I don’t want to hear us cuss and neither does any one else, we should just get some class!

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