Unhealthy Codes

October 28, 2007
By kari ponce, Spring, TX

Unhealthy Codes

From what I understand rules or codes of conduct are supposed to help improve something or a way of doing something. I also understand that new health codes being passed are supposed to prevent childhood obesity but the newest one currently does nothing it just pokes at the pudge of the problem. The newest health code states that vending machines containing non-healthy food products cannot be placed in the cafeteria. But get this if you place a vending machine in the hallway outside the cafeteria that fine there’s nothing wrong with that. Kids can still purchase their fat filled cookies, chips and sodas as long as they do it outside the cafeteria. America is thinner already with this new health code. Don’t you see the improvement? Kids in schools can no longer make a convenient short walk to the vending machines, but instead they are forced to burn those extra calories by taking a slightly longer walk to the cleverly placed vending machines in the hallway to purchase their junk food.

You know what else is kind of sketchy about the health code is that you can buy junk food from the vending machines before you get you lunch or you can first buy you food put it down at your table then go the vending machines but you can’t buy your food and take it to the vending machine and get junk food. This in the dumbest rule ever and the reasoning behind it is that they don’t want to prevent the mixing of healthy food with non-healthy food which you can do anyways with he loophole the code has created within its self. Now if you want junk food you need to buy it before buy your supposedly healthy food from the school cafeteria (and if anyone considers the greasy pizza or the deep fried taco shells healthy, we have some other issues here besides obesity perhaps some intelligence issues ) because if you bring your healthy-even-though-you-can-see-the-grease-dripping-off food by the vending machines then your in trouble because that’s breaking health codes. The food they serve at school should break health codes with all the grease you can see your food swimming in. As it turns out when they said you can’t have the healthy food with the junk food they were serious, you literally can’t have healthy food beside the vending machines that’s a major faux pas.

This health code ultimately achieves nothing its just a band-aid fix on something one organization can’t solve alone at least not with out drastic measures I don’t think Americans want to take. What can I say this is a country where we like to have our cake and eat it too.

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