Dreadful Drivers

October 26, 2007
By Luke Westman, Newton, MA

Dreadful Drivers
Luke Westman

Nobody can hide from their treachery. They haunt my dreams at night. Bad drivers are everywhere. When I walk to school I cross a busy street and something always goes wrong. Whether a driver screeches to a halt when I am crossing or he/she flat out runs the red light, I cannot escape them.
Careless drivers change how people feel when they are driving. I loathe when I am driving and having a nice conversation about my day with my mom and a giant SUV pulls up. Inside the giant contraption is a tiny woman (who is way too small for her beast of a car) and she is emailing her husband on her phone while muttering to herself. I am trying to have a pleasant conversation with the window rolled down, and the other woman’s piercing voice is butting in. Another strategy that bad drivers use to annoy other drivers is honking their horn really loudly and erratically. Terrible drivers don’t only make people feel angry or annoyed, but they also set a terrible example.
There are many unacceptable operators of vehicles out in the world being watched by kids. Driving is not too fun for kids when they are passengers. If they don’t have a PSP or Gameboy to entertain them, they look outside the window for their amusement. In the car next to them they see an adult talking on the phone while they are driving. The child’s first instinct is that talking on his/her phone while driving is normal or safe. Or the child looks into the car through the opposite window and sees a senior in high school blasting his stereo. The radio is so loud that it shakes the two cars next to him. This is very distracting to the driver and an annoyance to all of the other drivers around him. The drivers of America aren’t only setting a terrible example with their multitasking, but their driving is dangerous.
Dismal drivers never follow the rules. They run red lights when people cross the road. For example, I was recently in New York I was almost hit. In the Big Apple, the crossing signals light up at different times. When I had the walking signal, a taxi cab (notorious for bad driving) whizzed around the corner. My concerned sister pulled me out of the way by my collar just in time. Also, bad drivers never turn on their lights or blinkers. At night on the highway, drivers cut people off when they switch lanes. The person always sees the car coming, yet he/she is still surprised because there is no blinker on. When drivers break every single rule and are dangerous to society, there is a problem. They cause accidents.
Accidents are the extreme ending to a bad automobilist’s typical day. Accidents can cause terrible pain. I have been at the scene of an accident where a professional limo driver hit a parked car. The noise of the screeching tires pierced my eardrum and made me jump into the air. The driver was seriously injured and sent to the hospital. Accidents, no matter how big or how small, are never a good thing. They cause unnecessary trips to court and jail. These mishaps are where bad drivers get their reputation.
Unfortunately after all of this evidence, not all people believe that bad drivers should be eliminated from the streets. Some people believe that if all of the terrible drivers were taken off of the streets, there wouldn’t be enough public transportation to support them. There are a lot of people who take the train or bus to work. If you add all of the people who will lose their driving privileges, there will be a surplus of passengers.

There most likely is not enough public transportation to fulfill the needs of all of the people who desire their services. Global warming has largely been influenced by gas exhaust. If they don’t have cars and can’t use the gas guzzling public transportation companies, then use an earth friendly method. Walk to work or ride a bike to the office. Even carpooling with a friend limits the amount of gas being wolfed down by vehicles. This would not only provide you with a way to get to work, but help save the world from overheating.

Another solution to the problem is to have a higher insurance for people who are in frequent trouble with the law. Drivers would not lose their privileges and the public transportation system would not have an excess amount of passengers.

How would you like to help me rid the world of bad drivers? It is not as difficult as it sounds. If you are an adult, take care to follow the rules and drive as safe as possible. If you are a child, then do not become a bad driver. If you are a good driver, then think of a way to point out bad drivers. For example, every time you see someone pull an illegal move on the road, throw a dart at them. That way if you see a car with a lot of darts on their car you can report them or stay away from them. If all of these steps are performed one step at a time, we may have a fighting chance to rid the world of these terrible role models called “bad drivers.”
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