what about the polar bears??

December 15, 2010
By taylorhuggins BRONZE, Santo, Texas
taylorhuggins BRONZE, Santo, Texas
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Hello, I am Taylor Huggins and I have written today to talk about polar bears.
There have been many arguments as to whether global warming is in fact true or fake. In my opinion, I believe this is true. And while not many people care much about it, I do.
You may say, why care? If anything happens it will be way later in life. Well let’s not think of our species. Let’s think about the polar bears.
The main threat for polar bears is the loss of their ice habitat due to global warming. As said from its name (Ursus maritimus), the polar bear is actually a marine mammal that spends more time at water than it does on land.
Last year, the Secretary of the Interior, Dirk Kempthorne, thought of adding Polar Bears to the threatened species list. Polar bear deaths due to global warming are of huge concern, and new studies say that Polar Bears may face extinction, if we do not do something soon.
Polar bears need much government protection because their icy habitat is melting as a result of global warming, this said by the Bush administration.
The main cause of global warming is said to be released energy from burning fossil fuels. Although this is not the only cause for global warming, it is one of the main causes of temperature change. And that is the reason for the polar bears fight to not be extinct.
One group says that that even if global warming doesn't slow, a more likely near future case, a thin, icy place for the bears would still remain between Greenland and Canada.
Though there are many speculations as to if the bears are in danger or not, it is up to us to help them.So now i ask, what about the polar bears?

The author's comments:
im 14 and whaqt inspired me to write this is because i have always had a love for animals, seeing a beutiful animal become extinct upsets me dearly.

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on Dec. 18 2010 at 4:20 am
Treefiddy BRONZE, Tarzana, California
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Reading this truely saddens me because of the absolute propaganda which is spewed out by the global warming zealots. There is simply no truth that polar bears are going extinct. In fact, the polar bear population is, and has been rising for decades.

You may recall the famous picture of the polar bear sitting on a block of ice in the middle of the ocean. This picture implied that the polar bear was stranded in ocean. As it turned out, the photographer said that it was nothing more than a striking image.

It is all propaganda. It is all lies. It is corruption based on false science and political ambitions. This hoax cannot live forever and nor will it.

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