Ms. Ramshaw

December 12, 2010
By Anonymous

What would the world be without teachers? They are role models and a great inspiration to kids of all ages. Kids spend 8 hours a day with the same teacher in elementary school, and you rarely come upon a kid who does not love their teacher. In middle school and high school, there are always teachers that you love or teachers that you do not love so much. This year, my favorite teacher is my biology teacher, Ms. Ramshaw. She is such a great teacher because she makes everything fun, and she is really nice.
Ms. Ramshaw can make anything fun. When we are taking notes even, she has stories or fun ways to remember things. She gives stickers out a lot too which gives us motivation to know our stuff. (It may sound childish but it is a competition in the class). She knows how to makes jokes that make everyone laugh, but don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. She doesn’t assign too much homework but just enough that helps us learn. She makes sure that everyone is ready to learn and excited about it because when she is excited, she can get the whole class ready too.
Ms. Ramshaw is a genuinely nice person too. She understands when someone is just having a bad day or something is wrong, and goes easy on them. She is always willing to help a student when they are willing to put in the extra effort. She comes in extra early or stays late after school just for one student if they need it. She is very organized and helps everyone else to organize their stuff, because she knows that that is an important quality in life. She is always ready to help if anyone needs it.
I can always count on Mrs. Ramshaw to cheer me up if I am having a bad day. She is such a great teacher and a nice person. I am so glad I had her for a biology teacher this year. She has taught me so much about biology and inspired me to be a better person.

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