World of Dissatisfaction

January 4, 2008
By Aianna Buist, Lynden, WA

I live in a world where no one ever seems to be satisfied. We have to have all the latest gadgets and technology. But we don’t see the people around us that are longing for some thing even as simple as a warm bed to sleep in. In America, it seems as if we’re only looking out for ‘number one’. And that is obviously ourselves.

The average American teen is spoiled. They may not think it, but they are. I’ll admit it, I know that I am and I’m ashamed of that. We have all sorts of luxuries, but we take them for granted. We wouldn’t even notice all the little extra things we have, until they were taken way.

We have to face the facts that there’s more to life than our safe and sheltered reality. So next time you’re whining to your parents about not getting that new cell phone or not getting a Wii or whatever else you want that your not getting, stop and think about the ‘invisible’ people that are hiding in the shadows, waiting and wanting for someone to notice.

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