My Generation

December 4, 2007
My generation is going to be deaf from i-pods blearing in there eyes. My generation would not know how to life if there was a rolling black out last for several days. My generation is made of blender. Blender that grab and take what they want from other generation making it work in there’s. We are the walking i-pods knowing all the songs ever sung. And even when we are long gone the sound of our flip-flops are still hear walking down the hall. Our generation will be the first one to have a rehab for Star-Bucks. We will take what we need and mix it all up so it is a new and cool thing once more. We are the generation raised on 90's show and styles. Every thing from the slap bracelets to power rangers is what. Then we all dove in head first after pokemon leaving that for the new rising stars of the pop world. My Generation can text faster then the speed of light, but walks slower then the dead in the halls on the way to class. My generation lives for white knuckled adrenalin rushes, and that is why I love my generation.

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