December 1, 2007
By Jacob Wildenberg, Morrison, CO

Over time everything changes, whether it’s a small change or a big change and that is exactly what has happened to the entertainment industry. I think it’s alarming how the entertainment industry is changing and how many people are buying into it, what used to be considered inappropriate and private is now appropriate, in this new wave of entertainment where anything goes.

Obviously the biggest change in the industry is sex; I mean you have to live in a cave to not have noticed this change even in the last five years. For example this has become the main topic in movies, music, and TV. I noticed this because while I was planning for this paper I did a little research by watching a few TV. shows, a movie, and listened to a few songs on the radio. I then realized that every single thing had a sexual reference or a scene of that nature. I then listened to some of my dad’s music and noticed how times have changed because they had no sexual references. This obviously has a huge effect on what kids where because they want to wear what their favorite celebrity is wearing. Also I have read that when singers tour out of the country that country requires them to dress appropriately so they don’t corrupt the youth. Truly we need to realize this is a problem.

The next change that occurred in the entertainment industry is the language, the words used and the amount that they are used. Language is like a contagious illness you can catch it if you expose yourself to a lot of it. I think that this is a huge change because the music has become a lot more explicit than it was twenty years ago. Also the rules for words you can say on TV has changed because words are becoming more acceptable. Finally it is obvious to see the effect that it is having on people if you ever listen to a conversation in the hallway of any school, this truly needs to be fixed.

Another form of entertainment is sports, however the players have changed and it seems to me that they are sending younger athletes a bad message. Number 756 that was the number of home runs Barry Bonds hit when he broke hank Aaron’s home run record, and you don’t have to be a baseball fan to know why this record is so controversial. This is not the only steroid scandal in sports, the Tour de France has had many scandals and other sports have suspended players for steroid use. Taking steroids is cheating and sets a horrible example for everyone and it also shows the change from the old times when babe Ruth hit home runs using hot dogs and candy. Definitely something has to be done to undo this change.

Change is inevitable; everything changes however we need to make it a positive change and not a negative change. Although the entertainment industry will not have the most positive ideas we don’t have to be influenced by the industry.

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