"Our Father in Heaven"

October 9, 2010
Okay, before I start, I am not here trying to offend anybody, I am not trying to upset you. I am writing this to make you see how I think of things. I am applying it to everybody, not just gay people, even though it just sounds like another gay awareness article, I promise you it isn't. This does not apply to only gay people, but every sinner out there, that means you, your friends, your teachers, everyone.

I am not religious. I guess you could say that's my first major sin. I am Bisexual. I guess that's my second one. Two major sins on me, not to shabby. I haven't killed anyone, I haven't burned down any churches, I haven't had sex before I am married. Now many of you readers may disagree and say that I'm going to Hell, I am a horrible person and, for being gay, a freak of nature. Go ahead and get it out of your system, I have become nearly numb to it. But before you go off on a rant on how bad I am, may I pose one question?

We are all children of God. He made us the way we are for a purpose, he made us the way we are, from the color of our skin and our hight, to why we like this and not that, and what we will do in life, how we will do it, and whether we will exceed in it or not. He made us 100%, that includes: religion, sexuality, likes and dislikes, hight and hair color, gender, career, our choice of so many things; But do you honestly think we choose to be gay, or a little socially awkward, or ugly? Not one of those things do you get to choose.

I mean yes, we get to choose to sit in the corner, or wax out eyebrows, or come out of the closet, but we were all born the way we were born, the way god made us. God made us the way we are, we can't change any of that.

"Our heavenly father" that we hear so much about, what father? What kind of a father says that he loves all of his children equally, but then makes some of them different and then tells you that you are going to hell because you "chose this"?

Did you choose your name? how about your natural hair color? Your eyes? your parents? You were born with all of these, and even though you can change your name and die your hair, wear contacts, or ignore your parents, you can't change that God gave you all of those things for a reason.

I didn't want to be gay, let me tell you, My best friend reprimanded me a few years ago for helping our schools Gay Straight Alliance. I didn't want to loose my best friend, I didn't want to get teased everyday, I didn't want to have this argument right now. But one stupid kiss, a kiss that God said needed to happen in my life, changed my life forever. Now everyday I am in some form of Hell, I lost one of my friends, She's scared of me, how would you like that? God created me, with his own loving hands, only to make me gay, and make me go through Hell on earth, and then tell me that I'm going to Hell after I die, because I acted on what he made me. Father? What a horrible one!

And don't even say that I could have just hid it because being gay isn't a sin unless you act on it. Well how would you like to live a lie every single day? Have to pretend to be something your not.

Put yourself in my shoes. You live in a society were being straight is a sin, and frowned upon, So everyday you have to look at the same sex, when you find it somewhat repulsive, and you lie about it every day. And then you decide that you're going to get this pain off your shoulders and just come out and be straight. Well you do that and suddenly everybody looks at you differently, only one or two of your friends still talk to you the same. Your best friend is scared if you get to close to them, because your different. How would that feel? Your going to Hell because your "Father" made you that way.

Or what if you weren't Christian? What if you were Jewish. God made you that way, he made you born into a Jewish faith and still loves you, but will have to send you to hell because your Jewish. How is that fair? He made you born into believing something and loves you for it, but will send you burning for all eternity because you didn't know any better?

What if you killed someone, but not out of rage, you had a chemical imbalance in your brain and really didn't know you were killing someone. Well God gave you that chemical imbalance, and God created your destiny, your destiny was to kill that person. And he forgives you of all your sins, but because your brain was imbalanced, you have to burn forever in Hell. What a great father, let me tell you.

How about this, your parents are horrible to you. Your dad's drunk 90% of the time, and your mother is gone most of the time, God put you in this family. How can you Honor a drunk and a runaway? Your angry, God made you angry for a reason, God made you disrespect your family, but you have to be ripped up in Hell for eternity because you didn't respect the parents that your "Father" made you disrespect.

Go ahead and disagree with me if you must, but I don't see what kind of god would make you a certain way and then tell you your going to Hell, because you acted on what he created in you.

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Whitley.Sienna said...
Jul. 29, 2011 at 10:33 pm

I completely understand you.

If you repent from your sins, you won't go to h ell. NOTHING can take away your eternal life once you have J esus in your heart. Nothing you do, say, or think can keep you from going to Heaven ONCE YOU ACCEPT C HRIST.

G od didn't put you in the situation, he put you there to draw you closer to Him, I swear.

I really want to talk to you more about this, because he will change your life. You will be filled with such happiness, nothing wil... (more »)

Whitley.Sienna said...
Jul. 29, 2011 at 10:17 pm
God loves you, most definatley, always forever, and he won't send you to hell for being gay IF you repent and turn away from your sins. Do you know what that means? I'll be willing to help. I swear, you will be filled up with the Spirit and you won't spend another lonesome day feeling worthless or unwanted, because the Lord created you in his image. You know when you just feel like trash, that there's something missing? Your missing Jesus. I know it sounds corny and all, but you will be filled w... (more »)
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