Getting A Home

October 8, 2010
By Anonymous

As a little puppy I was sad all of my brothers andsisters were gone and they took my mom to a different kennel. I was lonely andcould never sleep. Then one day as I was tacking a nap I heard a car pull up. Alittle 8 year old got out and ran up to my kennel. “Hi, I’m Drew,” he said.“Ruff, Ruff.” I replied. He laughed. Then my breeder came out. “Here she is,”he said as he opened my door. I walked out and Drew picked me up. “What shouldwe name her?” asked a lady I’d just noticed. “Pitch” Drew replied. “Maybe,” shesaid. “ Lets go get that paperwork taken care of,” my breeder said and walkedinside. The lady and a man followed. “That’s my mom, Amy; and my dad, Todd,”Drew said, “Lets go play in the yard,” he said, and walked away setting medown. I ran to my kennel, grabbed a ball, and followed.

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