August 25, 2010
By CreativeSunshine SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
CreativeSunshine SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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Life is a a puzzle that is to be figured out with a little mystery to dwell upon. You put it together each day by the new ideas that you may come to think about but, then you wonder how will I ever finish this huge master piece....what will come next.

If you come to think about it you will realize that the puzzle had started as early as the first known day in your mother's womb and each day it gets a little harder such as the first time you opened your precious eyes or when you started to walk and even talk but that not all. Next, it will be you going to school and taking on responsibilities as a child, adolescent and adult but, when life of your puzzle get tough don't back down just stride to be all the that you can even if you fail keep trying because it takes a lot of failures to become successful.

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