Time is the Essence

May 30, 2010
I have to wonder if everything that had happened had been my blessing or someone else's consequence. If it was my blessing, why was it triggered thorugh something so terrible, so undesirable? If it was someone else's consequence, was I the light within the dark, the goodness at the end of the tunnel? Or was I a negative factor within the consequence?
"One man's trash is another man's treasure." It's so easy to say or read such a proverb without experiencing the true meaning of its words. And, isn't it funny -in the strange, unnatural kind of way- how things happen just from one event? The choices we make will bring about the next chain of events, either being altered by another choice or continued. It sor of reminds me about that question in math. You know -how many types of snadwitches can you make with 4 types of bread, 7 ypes of meat, and 10 types of cheese? The variations are numerous as are the possiblities of one event.

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