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April 5, 2010
By Brenda Ackerman BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
Brenda Ackerman BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Two years ago when I went with my brother, sister, and dad to Las Vegas, I was so excited and could not believe I was going to have so much fun. My dad called us on our house phone, saying he is going to pick us up in the morning. I packed up as soon as I heard the news. I yelled at my brother Augustine, who was a sixth grader, and my sister Daniella, who was going to graduate in high school. “We need to hurry up and get ready so we can leave as soon as possible,” I told them before they get situated into bed.
When my dad arrived the next morning at 4:00 a.m. I hear the horn honk letting us know he was outside.
“Get up guys,” I yelled to Augustine and Daniella still sleeping.
“Are we really leaving?” Questions Augie with his big eyes that looked like he just woke up.
“Yes hurry up and let’s go I want to get to Circus, Circus and eat and ride all kinds of rides,” I exclaimed. So I go outside to the truck to put all my bags in the back, patiently waiting for us to get loaded in. While Augie and Daniella get their stuff in the truck. We are ready for takeoff onto I-10.
On the way Augie, Daniella, and I joke around and play I spy almost the whole 8 hour drive. As we sit in the back and look around at little villages I spot a mini dairy queen
“I want some ice cream,” I yelled from the back. So we stop and take a short ice cream break. Then I start to doze off into a powernap, not knowing how close we were. I am woken up by all the
“wow,” “ah,” and “cool.” I sit up and see the sign that says,
“Welcome to Nevada.” There were just so many cars and taxi’s it was unbelievable. The buildings there are twice the size as buildings here in Tucson. I think to myself,
“well no wonder their so high tech with TV’s outside and elevator, they have so much money that people spend there and want to make it better I guess.” We stop to get a room because it was too late to go to Circus, Circus.
I’m thinking I’m not that tired yet. So I ask,
“Can we go swimming?”
My dad says, “yes.” I hurry up and put my swim suit on.
“Come on are you guys ready ill meet you over there!” I yelled. I walk over to the swimming pool and jump in.
“Cold,” “cold,” “cold,” I say when I come up from under the water. I looked around at all the tall buildings, I notice a glow in the dark hotel from miles away. All kinds of lit up lights on buildings surrounding me. There were actual TV’s outside on billboards, showing different shows. The people are still walking around the sparkling city heading to their destination. I listen to an ambulance as they speed by.
“It’s probably an accident with all these cars,” I tell myself. They have a different siren then we have in Tucson which is cool! When Augie and Daniella arrive, I show them the glow in the dark hotel. In amazement they cannot stop starring at the beautiful hotel. While we swim for several hours waiting for our bodies to get wrinkled. We decide to go back to the hotel so we can go to Circus, Circus early.
The next morning I wake up and start to get ready for the day. We all get ready and eat breakfast at Denny’s,
“What a good breakfast to start off the day,” I said. As we finish eating we talk about how the people living here have it good, and how nice it must be to be able to go to circus, Circus every day to ride on cool rides and play games.
We finally head to Circus, Circus. Pulling into the drive way I look and observe the big pink dome. The building looked like a pink ball stuck half way into the ground. We walk into the dome of Circus, Circus, I walk quickly to the ticket line and get a day pass which was a yellow bracelet. I watch over all the kids as they happily play games, and get in line for the rides. I see all kinds of rides like a water splash, this thing that flips you in the air, a roller coaster that speeds over all the people and flips, outlining the ceiling. All you can see riding it is a bunch of small people doing their own things. I pick the roller coaster and patiently wait in line with Augie and Daniella.
“Yes it’s finally our turn after this!”
“First seat yea!”
I get in the roller coaster and it slowly starts to move forward. While swirling and tossing and turning up in the air the ride comes to a slow stop. My eyes are watery from laughing too hard.
“I want to do it again.” I get in line with my brother and sister again.
“Time to buckle up again,” I say. I close my eyes and can feel the butterflies going crazy in my tummy . The ride last 2 minutes then comes to a stop.
“Next I want to go on the water splash,” Daniella says while getting off the roller coaster.
“This looks so fun!” I say as I walk up to the line. Once again we get the first seats of the ride.
“Oh no we are going to get soaked.”
“Ha-ha that was so fun!”
“Look they have our pictures of how our faces looked getting splashed,” says Augie.
“Let’s go see them.”
“oh my gosh I look so funny I hope they delete that or something.”
“I want that picture,” says my dad.
“20 dollars, WHAT!”
“That’s crazy just for a picture of our funny faces no wonder how they make all this money.” The rides were crazy fun and will never be forgotten. I hope for the day to come again, where I’ll be back here.
This experience has brought adventure to my life. I have not forgotten the days I was in Las Vegas, I remember it like it was yesterday. I have had so much hate towards traveling and being around a lot of people, also I didn’t talk as much to people, and joke around. This adventurous trip has changed my perspective in how I see things. Now all I do is want to have fun talk a lot to people, and dream of being back in Las Vegas. I am now a girl going out to have fun, instead of being inside all day watching the same TV commercials.

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