The Big Decision!

April 1, 2010
By Freezy BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
Freezy BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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The biggest decision that I’ve had to make was moving from my mom’s house to my dad’s house. It was a very complicated decision because I felt that I was responsible for everything, and as an eight year old I also thought I knew everything. One of the many reasons I wanted to live with my father was because he said he would give me everything and I fell for that. Another reason is that I didn’t like living with my mom because her fiancé was very abusive toward me and my mother. I wanted to live with my mom because I had a lot of family to stay with, but at my dad’s house I didn’t have much family or people to be around. I ended up choosing to live with my dad because of my mom’s fiancé and his bribery problem. Also my mom never believed me about her fiancé abusing me. Thankfully now that I am in a good home I am only disciplined. My dad also owed a lot of child support. That was around $7,000 and since my mom is technically disabled she doesn’t have to pay child support. This is kind of hard because my adopted mom already has 3 kids living with her. Also my dad has had many surgeries and has cancer. He obviously cannot pay it if he is in prison. I am happy with my decision. I also regret it in a way. One reason is because my dad is sick and has cancer and i don’t want anything to happen to him while i live with him.I care a lot for him and would be in shock if anything happened to him. Thats my story!
Thankfullt everything is resolved now and im in a very good home!

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this is true and something that makes people feel bad for me..... please dont! im good now!

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