Peer Pressure

March 25, 2010
By Adam Martinez BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Adam Martinez BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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It’s funny, how the best become worse, how the worse become the best and some just don’t change. Peer pressure affects us all in both miniscule and titanic ways.
There is always one originator who sucks in people. They target kids who are outsiders or have low self-esteem, and they make them feel wanted or fit in.
They suck you in to make a group, make themselves bigger, and/or change you. For example I know somebody who used to be nice and smart. Then they started hanging out with a group of gathered outsiders. They are the kind of people that you will see as emo or weird. The person is now a low-life and is now affected. They are now a victim of what I call “falling” or “the fallen”.
The “Fallen” isn’t some sort of gang or group. It’s just a category of people who have fallen or sucked in to peer pressure. 90% of the victims never recover or bounce back. They try to get EVERY ONE, big, small, fat, skinny, black or white. They all try to get you, I know.
I was always the same person, when I was young to right now, but only because I was aware. I used to hang out with a person who was part of the “fallen”. I watched as they sucked in more and more people. I saw how they manipulated people. I’m now out to stop it, make a stand, and tell the whole world, it is everything, it is everybody.

Whether it’s the persuasion to be a thug or gangster, or to be emo, or even to be a nerd, we all fall, but only some stay standing, I’m one of those people. My word of advice, who cares what they say, don’t listen to those false insults, stay yourself, be who YOU want to be, not what they want you to be.
All I have to say is don’t let them suck you in, I’ve seen it all, they put their pressure in music, television, movies, and in-person. Here my roar to whoever reads this be aware, be very aware.

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