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March 1, 2010
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I Kiana feel that TV is good but there is something that we can change to make it better in some ways.

I feel that the news is a great example of how television is good. When you got television why would you want to go a get a newspaper, when you can just turn the channel and watch the weather, and find out what’s going on in our town. We can find out how thing will be happening in our town you well be able to known it all by watching a TV.

I would think that Nick Jr. would be a good show because your child can watch TV and learn lots of things from watching Nick Jr., like they can learn how to read, and they can learn how to spell, in lots more and the most part they can have fun while learning.

Another reason would be that mtv is a good show to watch but it is three thing that I feel that would make the show better if we didn’t have. I think that if we didn’t have movie that have sex, and bad words it would be much better. Another thing that we shouldn’t have is the bad videos with the half nude girls and other stuff. The last reason would be bad TV shows like The Love For Ray J. Don’t get me wrong mtv is a good show but we have to be careful that we don’t pick tem shows to watch cause we have a choice.

Other people feel like TV is bad but they have a choice to turn on the channel or turn it off they have control over the TV, yes, it can be bad things on it but I doesn’t mean they have to go to it, you can watch other show. These people know they can watch and what they can’t watch it’s there choice.

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