January 15, 2010
I have a few personal experiences to support my decision on certain values that I think are either good or bad. Health is the most important value in life. Physical, Emotional, Mental and Sexual health all shape your life and determine your happiness level.

Physical health is very important to take care of. If you feel any sign of sickness or worse signs you should go to the doctor for a check up to see what the problem is before it can become worse and even more dangerous. Your eating habits and choices would all be changed. You don't want your condition to turn out so bad that you can't do anything to fix it because it got too out of control. Being overweight is also a sign of an unhealthy decision, as well as being too skinny. You would die much faster than you would if you kept yourself health and that doesn't only affect you but also everyone around you, including family friends and loved ones, even people that you just see everyday no matter if you talk to them or not it affects everyone’s lives.

Emotional health can be really hard to deal with. If you or anyone is not comfortable with how they look it really brings them down and the people that surround them. Their self-esteem wouldn't be at a healthy level, it would be extremely low. All of these mixed up emotions really distracts them from life. What I mean by that is, they can’t concentrate on themselves or on what they want to accomplish because of other distractions by others. Once they have mixed up emotions they might feel hurt or depressed which is another issue in health. They might feel like they aren't good enough just because other people make them feel that way. Magazines and some TV shows in this world make them feel like they aren't worth anything or can’t become like them. They have to realize everyone has flaws and they have to keep their head high and stay positive.

My mother is bi-polar. She is not always in one mood and she is very depressed throughout her life. It is really hard for her to stay calm and patient. I love my mom with all my heart and she can get on my nerves but I realize this health issue is not her fault and I try to help her feel better and talk to her whenever she needs it. I understand that emotional health is too much to handle at times and maybe you might think you can’t fix it but you can be positive and do the best you can. It is hard for her to stay with her boyfriend because they live together and makes it really hard for them to get along. Help people around you and it won't be so stressful on them and they feel less stressed.

Sexual health is a major health issue. Not only adults that are ready, adults that aren't ready but even worse, teenagers are having babies. They are bringing a baby in as a baby. What I mean by that is that they are just not ready or mature of enough to bring another baby in this world. This situation can cause problems for the new life they are bringing in and more on them because they are not ready and will be trying to take on more than they can deal with. Then on top of all of that, people using no protection. This causes serious consequences that sometimes cannot be removed or fixed. You can catch a disease and that is never a good idea. There are over 1,000 diseases in this world and that would affect the rest of your life because now you would be stuck with that. You can’t have another partner now because you will just spread it or make it worse. All I can say is if you don't want a baby or a disease forever than take out 10 seconds of your life before you have sex put a c***** on. It is always better to be safe.

Another problem with sexual health is the way people show off their bodies. They are basically showing what they want or how they feel with their outfits. Women are commonly known to show off their bodies with tight jeans and little tops. This shows they are less insecure and have to show a little to have attention. This affects the way a person might look at them sexually. Guys tend to like the way they dress but now the women might not get that attention they wanted. They might get treated like they are easy or the guys won’t pay much attention to the personality anymore. They show more attention to their body or the way they show it off. Girls should not have to be treated with disrespect and one way to be respected is to dress properly. Since these women are dressing like this, guys might try to take it to the next level when she is not ready. This is also a sexual health problem. People should wait until they really care about someone or feel they are comfortable to take it to the next step. Always be protected and never rush into things.

The value that no one should need is wealth; it is the least important and makes people feel unable to do anything for themselves. Being rich complicates everything as in friendship, love, trust and all you can possibly imagine. You may think that money gets you all that you want but slowly you are losing everything. Money turns personalities into a greedy, selfish person who will think they don't have to do much. Your true friends might turn on you because the way you act or because they are just wanting you because of your money now, and not everyone but the majority would. Money sometimes will make you feel like you don't need to do anything because you have money to get you there. It takes the joy out of accomplishing and succeeding. When you want something really bad, like a CD that just came out and you save up to get it and you finally have enough money you get that CD and feel so happy you got it yourself. Well with wealth there are certain limits. I believe you need a decent amount of money but no one needs to be wealthy. Being wealthy is a privilege not a necessity. No one needs all the materialistic objects to be happy.

In conclusion, Being healthy sexually, mentally, emotionally, and Physically are very important. You shape your life with how healthy you are. Also the value that is least important is being wealthy. No one needs all that materialistic items. Everyone needs to have a healthy relationship with people and being wealthy can change that as well.

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