kids must do time

January 11, 2010
Kids all around the world are getting in trouble with the law, some more serious than others. Did you know that the biggest groups of criminals are teens? Did you also know that some of these kids that are committing crimes aren’t being sent to prison. If a kid kills a loved one of yours would you want them in prison? Kids all over the world are committing crimes like murder and rape, but people think that since kids are committing these kinds of crimes they don’t need to be sent to prison because they are too young. People also think that since kids are so young that they don’t think things through like adults do so they shouldn’t be treated or tried like an adult. However, kids should be tried as adults when they commit adult crimes.

If kids want to commit crimes that have an adult punishment then they need to be ready to pay the whole price. Kids are committing crimes with adult punishments all the time; for instance, “in 1993, 2-year-old Jamie Bulger living in Bootle, England, was taken by two 10-year-old boys and was mutilated and murdered” (Wilde). This is so wrong. Kids taking a 2-year-old child and mutilating the child and murdering the child didn’t do that on accident. I can see a 10-year-old accidentally killing someone if they are for instance walking through their house with a knife trip and when the trip they throw the knife at somebody on accident. I can see that, but I cannot see a 10 year old taking a 2-year-old child and cutting it up and killing the child an accident. Kids committing these kinds of crimes of like mutilating a child have to be tried as adults. There is no other option. If those kids mutilated a baby when they were 10 who knows what they will do when they get older.
Kids that commit things like killing people have no morals and, “a lack of human morals cannot be treated or cured in rehabilitation centers”(Wilde 1). Morals that people do not have cannot be fixed in rehabilitation centers. Everyone is born with a conscience, and they know what is right and wrong. If you kill somebody you want your doing. How can you kill someone on accident?

Kids “brains are wired differently,” says Hendricks in his article “Stop trying 13-year-olds in court as adults”(1). So what Hendricks is saying is that kids don’t think things through and adults do. Well maybe kids don’t think things through, but that doesn’t give them an excuse of going and committing a crime like murdering and mutilating a 2-year-old. Adults do not think things through either; because if they did think things through, they wouldn’t drink or smoke, and if they thought things through they wouldn’t kill some one. So we can rule thinking things through out of the picture, because adults and kids do not think things through. Since adults don’t think things through and kids don’t either, they are on an equal playing field.

Hendricks also says that, “it’s also shocking that ours is a society in which kids so young are denied a chance at rehabilitation in the juvenile system”(1). Kids are denied a chance at rehabilitation centers, because they don’t fix anything. You cannot force a kid to be a good person. You cannot force a kid to not kill a person if the kid has it fixed in his mind that he is going to kill someone. A kid well go through any thing to get what he wants. The only thing rehabilitation does is that it lets kids to go there and be good for a little while to just be let back out into the world so they can go back do the things they want to do/ Kids that are troublemakers and commit crimes have no morals and you cannot make some one have morals. You are born with morals and there is either bad morals or good morals, and there is no in between. So going to rehab won’t fix anything because even they can’t force kids into having good morals, kids with bad morals are committing crimes like killing people need to be locked up and go by adult sentences. You can’t force a kid to do anything. You’re not going to be able to force something into a kid. You will not be able to force morals into a kid.

Kids committing the crimes of adults need to be tried as adults. The juvenile system will not work for a kid who has bad morals and the capacity to kill people. If a kid wants to kill someone, they will find a way. Maybe they won’t think it through all the way, but they will definitely get what they want. Also, adults don’t think things through either. Therefore, kids can be on the same playing field as adults, so kids should be tried as adults. Why should you care about all of this stuff I’m writing? I’ll tell you why you should care. Every day there are murderers let back into the world. Every day there are kids who commit crimes like murder let out with little or no charge for one main reason. There is a possibility that they will commit this crime again and there needs to be a sense of justice for this issue

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