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January 11, 2010
By Vetti BRONZE, Discovery Bay, California
Vetti BRONZE, Discovery Bay, California
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Favorite Quote:
"If you say your bad, then your bad. If you say you decent, then your decent. If you say your good, then your good. But if you say your freaking amazing then your just cocky"

"If you believe that you can do it, Then anything is possible."

When you just stop, just stop to think. Where am I going with my life, or what has my life become. As a young teen, I mean to say young women all we want is love. What exactly is love? Can it be given to us from a tree? Maybe even from god? OR just maybe that perfect guy. Who is your ideal perfect man? Is he tall, Handsome, and romantic? Or is he the buff guy who can bring you up when your down. All of these traits is what we try to find in a guy. Sad enough we don't see them. Our perfect mate or man you can so call it. May be one of your friends or he just might be right in front of you. You should think about it.

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