Bad Teachers

January 11, 2010
By Kyle101 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Kyle101 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Have you ever had a teacher tell you one thing, and then stab you in the back? Or had a teacher who sucked at teaching? A teacher who, well, just probably shouldn’t be teaching? Odds are you have.

Teachers like these make high school difficult. I mean, yeah, there are some classes that are just hard. But chances are, you make it through such classes. It’s the classes where you knew you’ll be given an A. The classes you never study for and never think about outside of school that these teachers tend to flock to. Don’t jump to conclusions; I’m not ripping on elective classes as I’m sure some of you are thinking. These teachers are also found in all core classes; however, they are more prominent within the walls of elective classes. Still scratching your head on who I’m talking about? Well, then you probably have yet to experience their wrath.

Yes, these teachers have quite the vehemence. They try and skirt their way through a career doing as little work as possible, thus leaving the majority of their job on your shoulders. Their main teaching style is showing power point presentations thrown together with minimal effort. The ones you have no idea what you are supposed to be learning; the one where you either write it all, or write nothing at all. Classically, this teacher’s test is based off the one presentation you just didn’t feel like copying and has roughly one question from the countless other presentation you did chose to copy.
These cretins of teaching also tend to radiate arrogance. You are NEVER right. They always turn any mistake or blunder they made, into your fault. You’re best to just take what you’re given and move on. If you argue, odds are you’re just going to get yourself more worked up, and in trouble.

In the end, teachers like these cannot be avoided. When suffering through a class with such a teacher, the best thing to do is fight through it. Take a deep breath and remind yourself there’s always the potential of a new teacher at semester. Or that you only have to last to the end of the year.

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