January 11, 2010
By Alex Roys SILVER, Houston, Texas
Alex Roys SILVER, Houston, Texas
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There are many different opinions about technology and how it affects the world. It is not yet decided what the true benefit is. In many occasions, it can help people accomplish tasks and connect with people. Technology helps people do jobs faster and more efficient. I believe that Technology has had a positive effect on society and young teens because it connects them with people and information.

Technology helps people in their daily lives. Whether it be contacting someone or just wanting to know the local news, but whatever you need to get done, your gadgets can help. With the technology that we now have, the possibilities are endless, we have no boundaries on where we can go. The authors state in an article titled “Untangling the Social Impact of the Internet” that “With the internet information can be transmitted and received with ease at any time of the day to and from any number of friends” (Coget and Yamauchi 1). For example, if one friend did not get the homework assignment he or she may call up someone to send it to them. For this to be done all that must happen is to scan the document and send it by email. In an instant the information is transferred and all is well, without even leaving your seat.

Technology can help bring people together in many different ways. One of these ways is a playlist party. This is a social event I which everybody brings their Ipods and shares their own personal playlists. In an article about playlist parties, the author explains, “The guests are the entertainment” (Harris 1). The people that show up are

literally the life of the party. They provide tunes for everyone to listen to. It is an opportunity to express themselves and what they enjoy. It even gives people chances to listen to new things and maybe find something they like. There are many different varieties of people that attend these events, and everyone can share what they enjoy while meeting new people.

The internet can keep you connected with family and friends whenever and wherever. There are many different ways to stay in touch. Whether it be by email, instant messaging, or video chatting, but whichever one it is, it is as easy as a click. One of the upcoming things for young teens is Ichat. This is a program in which you can video chat with multiple people with ease. You can have a conversation with people and feel like they are right there. Harris explains that, “Here you’ve got a setup where individuals use a personal technology and make it a social event” (Harris 1). This technology can bring people together in a simple easy to use way.

Though technology has its many positive outlooks, there are people who think it imposes a negative effect on people. Postman better explains this by saying, “….though new technologies may be a solution to the learning of ‘subjects’ they work against the learning of what are called ‘social values’…..” (Postman 1). People think that technology isolates people from the outside world. In some cases this is true but in most cases it does the exact opposite.

Some people think that Ipods in specific preoccupy you so that you are not obligated to talk to people. The question arises, “Is it leading to a society of isolated beings”? (Song 1). In many thoughts people will not speak to someone with headphones in because they can’t hear them anyways. Coming now back to the internet. People beg to differ about the internet bringing people together. They believe the opposite. Affonso clarifies this by stating, “There are suggestions that Internet use has a negative influence on individuals and their social skills” (Affonso 1). The world will never agree on what effect technology has on people.

Technology has a positive effect on people and their social skills. I believe that it brings them together with ease. It also brings together a central source for information. I think everyone should be involved with the latest technologies.

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