A Beautiful Lie, the Grieving Truth

December 11, 2009
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Consider truth for a long moment. Truth can bring forth happiness. Truth, like so many other things, can be the only thing keeping a person from giving up. Truth, unfortunately, can also ruin a life—making each day seem like a never-ending cycle of pain a d misery. Accepting truth a d reality has become a daily routine for some, bringing with it pain and sorrow. Facing the truth, such as a loss of a beloved pet, friend or a family member can unmistakably change a person’s view on life. In some cases it will be for the better, while in others it can make them want to give up; forget all the pain that comes with living. Truth, like a rose can be beautiful and astonishing. But it can also be like an apple of ash; each bite representing the bitter taste of reality.

Now consider a lie. Lies come with many emotions and feelings attached to them. Hate. Despise. Typical feelings friends experience when lied to by someone they hold dear to them. But, what if the lie gave a better outcome than the truth would have? Sometimes a little lie manages to get a person to keep going and not give up, the same way truth keeps some people fighting. Lies, when small and insignificant, can spare an individual hours of wallowing in sadness. The act of lying, which in this day and age is frowned upon, sometimes is more beneficial. Kids grow up believing Santa Claus exists. Every present left under that alluring tree stands as its own lie, deceiving the child time and time again. Such small lies, though, inspire the same children to get excited for the holiday, bringing joy and happiness into their hearts. How does a lie manage to do that? People are taught that telling the truth is the right and honest thing to do. Many don’t realize that by concealing the truth at times, or at least partially, unnecessary damage can be avoided.

Aside from the pain and hurt, people need both lies and truth in their life. Sometimes the truth simply can’t be put off and demands to be dealt with. Times like these open one’s eyes to how the world really functions; how easy it can be to lose oneself within the laws and regulations. While at other times truth can and should be put off to save an individual from the depression that could easily be avoided. Both are a part of everyday life. Which path should be taken just depends on the situation, for not all truth brings happiness—not all lies bring grief.

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