Interracial America

November 4, 2009
By baby-giRL BRONZE, Campobello, South Carolina
baby-giRL BRONZE, Campobello, South Carolina
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In the long process of history, America has seen it all. At least that is what some would say. We have gone from slavery to the civil rights movement, and to the legendary “I have a Dream” speech. We all have heard and read about Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King Jr., W.E.B. Du Bois, and so many more in between. Now we have the history in making, a time for change. Barack Obama, president-elect has set a platform for every person, of any race, nationality, and sex. He has proved something that no one thought would ever be possible, and now the racial barriers from around the nation have proved to be somewhat, if not completely, defeated. Yes, there are still those out there in this world who would rather see the world come to an end than see Obama in office. Maybe now, the world can see each other as one; and not always judge by color with everyone. It seems as if the people in this world do not have the ambition to experience something new, or have a view of different scenery. From any view that we really look at it, most people are afraid of the standpoint in what is known as our Interracial Society. It is everywhere you look around, people look at it like it’s an epidemic. Most can’t see it as just a way of living. All they look at is color, and not what is truly on the inside. In life though it takes all sort of people and their feelings, attitude, and personal beliefs to make the world go around. Most Interracial Relationships are looked down upon, and most people involved in the situation are belittled. Even though most of the society believes individuals who interact with such things are disgraces, the individuals involved shouldn’t depend or live for others feelings. Those are the types of things that you can’t really undo, or change because most of the time; people have one mind set idea in their head, and 9 out of 10 times they’re not changing it. This not only had to deal with the Interracial Society, but also the Interracial Relationships that have made a record breaking change, and are still climbing.

People in this world are not sensitive when it comes to the emotional and physical feelings of people around them. They tend to think that if by hurting someone it makes them a bigger person, when really their just making themselves a smaller person on the inside

The author's comments:
I was inspired by different things in life. Look at the world today and it has done a complete 180 but in a very good way. It thrills me to see the society we live in take a different approach to how things once were and see that they can be change and the world will still go on as it once did.
There is more to the story it just wont all fit!!

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