Was Europe in the Middle Ages advanced compared to rest of the world?

October 1, 2009
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During the Middle Ages, many regions of the world were either Kingdoms or Caliphates or dominated by a society of some kind. Some were more advanced than others, but what does it mean to be advanced? Advanced means to be more knowledgeable and have more efficient ways to keep a society happy, strong and safe, by constantly researching and developing new tool for the benefit of its people. Was Europe more advanced than the other regions of its time?

Some Middle Ages’ regions were more advanced than others. For example…. In the agriculture section, the American Civilizations (Aztecs, Incas, and North American Tribes) were more advanced because they developed efficient farming techniques that allowed them to have a better harvest, not plant in wrong seasons, and provide better quality food for its society. Unlike Europe; the American Civilizations rarely had a famine or starvation.

Economically some civilizations were also more advanced than others; like in the case of the Middle East (or Muslim Empire). They had a strong trade system which brought in a good source of income and goods for its people and the empire. Like in Europe, they [muslims] adopted a guild system. Because of trade, there was a monetary system throughout the Middle East and India. Merchants also made partnerships, bought and sold on credit, and created banks to change currency checks. This civilization is almost in a tie with Europe on who is more advanced. But Muslims were stronger in trade than the Europeans were.

Technologically, there is a great difference between civilizations…… they [civilizations] all had different technological advances, they all had great minds, but this time the Europeans takes the credit for the most technologically advanced civilization.
What did the Europeans do to get the credit? Many of the technological instruments we have now were invented by Europeans; like the Wheelbarrow, the mill, the magnetic compass, horseshoes, the printer (printing press by Johann Guttenberg), among others. Many of these inventions greatly changed the lives of the European people.

Religion…this is a tough one to say who was more advanced religiously. . Europe built monasteries so that nuns could preach Christianity in Europe better. American Civilizations build great temples with an amazing precision, to please their gods, and also offered sacrifices. The Chinese and Japanese were very religious and build shrines and temples and offered tributes to their gods. Religiously, no civilization can be defined as advanced.

The final verdict….. Who was the most advanced civilization? The most advanced civilization (or region) of that time were the American Civilizations because they developed an efficient system of agriculture, efficient politics, they did invent some technological tools, all this for the benefit of its people.

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