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May 27, 2009
By Justin Parker BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Justin Parker BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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My tattoos have had a major impact on my life. They are an extension of my body, mind, and my personality. They are my beliefs and my feelings and getting my tattoos are one of the true ways I express how I feel. They have impacted my life because I have found a way to show and tell what I believe in, and I can do that in a way that I love. Even though all my tattoos are hidden and discrete, (and they always will be) word has spread about them fast. Because everyone hears about them, and word spreads about them, a lot of people ask to see them and ask what they mean. I love being able to tell people what they mean in a way that I love doing.
They have impacted my life because I talk to a lot more people and get the feeling that people actually listen to my beliefs through my tattoos. I am only eighteen and I already have three, but I plan on getting more because I love the way they feel, and the way I can express myself through them in a cool and interesting way. They are what I believe in and have special meanings about my family and my grandfather that died a few years ago.
My tattoos may not be a specific thing, but they have impacted my life none-the-less because my tattoos are me.

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