Will you choose what you want to be when you grow up or will your parents?

June 8, 2009
By Anonymous

Ok im 14 and when i was younger of course we have all heard this question. "what do you want to be when you grow up"? And you were like what? Maybe you were 2 years old. or Maybe you were 5years old. Or still going to elementary. Well guess what not many kids know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. My dad said he was going to be a clown but no he chnaed his mind and became working in american airlines. He raised a fmaily and now is in disability but he didnt exactly know what he wnated to be when he was young. Just like many kids today everyone changes their "opinion".Well at around age 9 i did balley. Idk if thats how u spell it but i thought of being a ballerina. Well that didnt work i couldnt jump or anyhting just wanted to look pretty. Then i did tennis. I dont like it much. Then my parents gave ideas liek parallegal. Now they say i should do optical working in the back making the glasses. I would get payed well. Well i dont know. So realy thats what they say oh u should do this and this. LIke i told them well im the one whos going to be working not you. OK so no pressure because i wont end up doing it. Im serious so mnay parents are deciding for their kids now since economy is so bad. I dont know they might end up being the ones choocing my life. Then how can i be independent individual of the are making decisions for me?

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