If I were a boy

June 5, 2009
By Yessy(: SILVER, Compton, California
Yessy(: SILVER, Compton, California
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I’m not that gurlie and I’m not that feminine, but I’m definitely a girl. I love shoes, clothes, purses and make up. Things I love to do are write, act, cheer, text, shop and spend time with my loved ones. I can kind of see a guy enjoy doing these things as well; I don’t think people would give me a hard time about the things I would enjoy doing. Except cheer; people might think I’m either gay or just really in to girls and seeing them in their short skirts. I know for a fact I would be called gay if I were a guy being seen with a purse or make up on.

I’m a big fan of Tyra Banks too. Hmm…I wonder if that would be weird. Nahh…not really; a lot of guys might be fans of Tyra because she is very attractive. I’m a very big fan of Oldies and R&B music too. Would other guys make fun of me, thinking I would be too sensitive? Will the girls not like me because they would want me to be manlier or would they like my sensitive side? Oh gosh, no! I know nobody would like me because of my sensitivity. I’ll be called a sissy. I’ll say, “No, I’m not” with a tear dripping down my face and then run to the nearest dark and loneliest place where no one would be able to laugh and point at me.

I would treat the ladies right. I’ll respect every girl who deserves to be respected. Her heart-I will never break. She would trust me and she would run to me every time she’s in need and every time…I’ll be there for her to make her smile and feel better. Momma would be proud of me because she’ll know she raised a true gentleman. Father would be proud of his son and see him as a blessing. Teachers would love me; I’ll be teachers pet. I’ll prove not all guys are only into sex, drugs, gangs and alcohol. My grades would be worthy. People would think I’m a good guy with a good heart. I’ll be generous, helpful, caring, loyal, honest, silly, caring, strong and handsome!

Of course, I wouldn’t be perfect though. Everybody knows nobody is perfect, the same way I’m not perfect as a girl right now either. I’ll be clumsy all the time-just like I am now-irresponsible, forgetful and a bit lazy sometimes. But I’ll still be motivated to be the best I can be. The quote I live by will not change, “Know your worth”. Forever, will I know my worth and know I won’t let anybody put me down or make me feel less of a person I am. Sure, I’ll feel pain, emotionally, physically and spiritually, but I’ll always be able to get back up on my feet, dust the pain right off with a smile on my face and keep on living with the same motivation of trying to be the best I can be.

As a girl, I think I have power-power to prove people wrong. Girls don’t have an advantage at life just because they have something the men like, like a lot of people think. Females don’t have the same chances at being president like men do. Society thinks females are too sensitive. Society ranks girls, teenage girls especially, as “tramps”. We try to get everything our way because society thinks we’re cute. No. It’s not like that. We go through everyday issues like a guy does; maybe not the same, maybe not as much, maybe not as less. Who knows?

I love being a girl. Never would I wish to be a guy but if I were…I doubt life would be any different. My interest in people, hobbies and maybe even goals will change but the person I am with in, will definitely stay the same.

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ruwey said...
on Sep. 11 2011 at 11:53 pm
wow!!!!this is great!ur a great writer!!keep it up! =)

Nadine :)) said...
on Jul. 4 2009 at 8:23 am

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