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Execpert from Capture and Release

May 12, 2017
By NickDevoti, Massapequa, New York
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NickDevoti, Massapequa, New York
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Author's note:

My first attempt at lesiure and serious writing. I hope you enjoy it!!!

It's the same every night. The second the last bit of sunlight leaves my room, the second my head falls upon my pillow, and the moment my eyes lock shut. I see it. It stands over my bed, watching me with eyes I cannot see , covered in the darkness of it's hooded shroud, but I know it's watching me, I can feel whatever is under the hood staring at me from the foot of my bed. Blocking out the very faint street lights coming from under my blinds. Just as soon as I feel it's eyes lock upon mine, my bed swallows me whole, as if someone unclogged a drain full to the brim with liquid, I am swept to an all too familiar place.

I arise in a new place, wasteland being too nice a word for the place I've landed in. The sky is gray, however it has never rained here judging by the cracked bone-dry ground I pick myself off of. The land however, has trees. Black weeping willows that lack any leaves or fruit are scattered throughout this empty place. As I pick myself up, I see that the figure from my room has followed me. With it, a dense fog has fallen over this place, as a result. The figure has begun floating towards me, almost lingering. I bolt away in a second running as fast as my legs can carry. I book it away from whatever the hell was following me running past all of the lifeless trees frantically panting from exhaustion, ignoring the fact that I was nearly choking on this dense fog. As I'm running, looking back every few seconds, the figure still follows. Then, all of a sudden I stop dead in my tracks...¨The edge¨ I think to myself as I am met with a bottomless abyss abruptly cutting off the land I was sprinting on. I was so in awe of this abyss, I nearly forgot the figure was still following me, now closer than ever. I know my options. Jump, or be captured. So, while closing my eyes...I dive into the abyss before me, taking this leap of faith without much hesitation. The darkness of this pit soon falls upon me as I am rapidly descending. Looking upwards toward where I once stood, I see the gray, foggy sky of this all too familiar place fade to black. With no sign on the figure. Once I am completely consumed, where no light enters. I wake up. Back into my bed at 6:30 A.M. The nightmare has ended for tonight.

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