Miss Communication in the Haines' Household

January 23, 2016
By Shimmerousity, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Shimmerousity, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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The Haines family is anything but perfect. Their neigbors just don't know to what extent. They know that Carly Haines has hallucinations, but can anyone explain them? And more importantly where is Carly? And with Mr. Haines always working, Mrs. Haines always taking mental health days, Hannah never being at home, and Carly always off in her own world, will Jackie, as the youngest, learn to grow up faster than she wants, so she can take care of herself?  What happened fallowing up to Carly's dissapearence? The rest of the Haines family has their own problems to deal with, so can they really handle everything that was going on with Carly? 

Charlotte J.

Miss Communication in the Haines' Household

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