No Name

December 7, 2015
By McDoodle48 SILVER, Roy, Utah
McDoodle48 SILVER, Roy, Utah
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If the sky isn't falling, and the sun is still shining, then you still have time to live.


Madie, a girl that did something that she shouldn't have, and her best friend Dakota, are faced with something they never should have been. On one faithful day, Madie is faced with a rumor that she must conclude is true. America was in a heady war with North Korea, and were in a race to perfect a virus that would kill the other. In fear, Madie discovers the documents of the codes and instructions of the virus, and mixes up the codes for both sides. A facility named Norman finds this out and takes Madie and Dakota by force, making a deal with Madie that if she is to do as she is told, they will return her younger brother to her unharmed. With this in mind, she decides reluctantly to take the deal. When the virus is completed and America isn't the one to send the bomb out, Madie's world turns to hell in a matter of hours. Fighting for not only her life, but the lives of her best friend and younger brother, Madie attempts to work her way back to Norman to fix what she had started. 

Madyson M.

No Name

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