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Date of your Death

May 9, 2015
By SabrinaMaria, Boxford, Massachusetts
SabrinaMaria, Boxford, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”
― Banksy


Meet Thana, a young girl with a special gift - she knows when someone is going to cross over to the other side. Thana has known about her gift since she was a little girl, but hasn’t known what to do with it or how to act upon it.

Now a teenager, Thana takes a trip with her school to New York City where her gift truly comes alive. Seeing the dates of each person’s death above their heads, she notices many people, including children, have the same date floating above them. Wanting to know the full ability of her secret talent, she confides in a friend from school. Together, they both learn things about each other individually, and together. Investigating this certain date and what will happen on it keeps them busy in this bustling city. When they learn the truth, Thana will finally be at peace with herself.

Sabrina O.

Date of your Death

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