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'The Beginning'

Author's note: I thought of the idea for this book when I was thinking of superheros, I realized that almost all...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I thought of the idea for this book when I was thinking of superheros, I realized that almost all of them were atleast in highschool. So I thought I should change that, put it from a middle schoolers point of view.  « Hide author's note
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Tilly's P.O.V.

Cam, Lily, and I were pedaling on our bikes when we passed, this lady on our bikes that was holding an umbrella. I almost ran into her, she was just standing in the middle of with a briefcase, looking at me with a murderous look in her hazel eyes, when I splashed her on accident when I swerved into the puddle beside her, trying not to plow into her. It wasn’t my fault she was in the middle of the path!
We were only, maybe 3 yards away from her when we heard her shout, “Hey! That man just took my briefcase!! Somebody stop him!” Before we even had a chance to turn our heads we found ourselves being shoved off path, even though we had just been riding on our bikes. A man ran past clutching the briefcase, but before he left he yanked Lily’s bag right from around her neck. Cam shot up, leapt on her bike, and shouted, “Come on guys, he’s getting away!” and pedaled after him, “Is she crazy!?!?” I shouted to Lily. “Most likely,” Lily said, as she climbed onto her bike, “But I guess we have to be crazy too, if we’re her friends! Now come on!” and started to pedal after her, despite the dangers and downpour.
“THIS IS INSANE!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs at Lily.
Through the downpour, that was getting increasingly worse by the second, I spotted Cam chasing the crook right in to the barricade that was made up of Brad, Drake, and Max. I saw the crook take a sharp turn off the path, not even a yard away from the barricade. I expected for Cam to stop, but I realized she was actually speeding up. She took a 90 degree turn on her bike, launching herself off the bike, sending it crashing into the crook’s back, knocking him to the ground. Cam had done a side flip off of her bike; she would have made the landing too if it weren’t for the rain. I watched as her feet made contact with the slick concrete, and slide, with a horrible cracking sound that sent a cold shiver up my back. She tried to catch herself, but she couldn’t get her hands in front of her in time; her head hit the pavement with a stomach-churning thwack. She was screaming in pain, Lily and I shot off our bikes and raced to her side.
When we got there it wasn’t a pretty picture, she was in a mangled pile, blood flowing like a river from the gash on her temple. Max had been the first one to reach her and was already trying to stop the bleeding. Brad had already pulled out his cell phone and was calling 911.
“Is she okay?!?”I heard a person call. I turned to see a distressed lady from channel 5 rushing toward the scary scene. She was here to cover the grand opening of the park today. She was being followed closely by a camera man and the lady whose brief case got stolen.
“What happened?” the lady from channel 5 asked.
“She took the dude out that taken that lady’s briefcase when she launched her bike at him.” Drake said, he turned to Brad, “When is the ambulance getting here?!?”
“They said they are going to get here as soon as possible, but with how bad the weather’s getting, they said- and don’t shoot the messenger when I tell you this-but, it’s going to take them at least 30 minutes to get here in this weather.”Brad said.
Then there was just the sound of the rain pounding on the sidewalk for a moment everyone was silent except for Cam, but even her ear-piercing screams had dwindled down to dazed moans. But none of us dared to say what they we were thinking. There was no way Cam was going to be able to wait 30 minutes, she was going to die.
“She isn’t going to make it is she?” a small voice said, over the pounding of the rain. Everyone turned to see who had spoken; it was a small boy, barely even nine years old from what it seemed. Another boy around the same age as him was beside him holding something… a video camera.
“SHE IS GOING TO BE FINE!!!” Max roared, returning to his attempts at trying to stop the bleeding, as he did he silently said to himself in a hushed whisper, “I won’t let her die.”
We stood there for what seemed like an eternity holding umbrellas over her waiting for the ambulance that seemed like it would never show, while Max hopelessly tried to stop the bleeding. Then Cam, with a look of pure agony, leaned forward and whispered something into his ear, and silently slid back to the ground, all consciousness gone.
My heart blackened with a dark feeling of dread, but was lifted out of the gloom with a feeling of new hope as the ambulance veered into the parking lot at the church next door. Paramedics burst out of the back, wielding a gurney.
“What happened” one of the medics asked, as they surveyed the damage.
“She flew off her bike and hit her head,” Lauren said,” she is going to be all right, right?” added, sounding more and more concerned. The medics didn’t answer, the just strapped Cam to the gurney and started to wheel her to the ambulance. “Can we come with her?” I asked.
“No, there isn’t enough room in the back of the ambulance for all of you.” The medic said, lifting the gurney into the back of the ambulance, and then said “Sorry.” And quickly shut the ambulance door. Leaving us there to watch it barrel towards the hospital.
“You all can ride with me, I feel responsible so I’m going to the hospital to make sure she’s all right.”We all twirl around to see who had spoken; it was the lady whose briefcase got stolen.
“Thanks.”Lauren and I said simultaneously, “But how do we know we can trust you?” I added.
The lady chuckled, “You’re a very smart girl you know that? I’m Mrs. Smith, I work for the FBI.”
“Prove it.” I said, incredulously. The lady pulled out her wallet and showed us a badge.
“I guess we can trust you.” I said. “Come on then let’s get to the hospital already then.” Lauren said over the rain, ushering for us to hurry it up.
“Do you have room for three more?” Max asked, gesturing at him, Brad, and Drake.
“Friends of yours?” Mrs. Smith asked, nodding her head in their direction.
“I guess, but we consider them more of acquaintances.” Lauren said. The boys glared at her, so she added, “I’m kidding.”
“Okay, let’s get a move on then!” Mrs. Smith said, already walking in the direction of the car, “Come on then!” she said when she noticed that we were still standing there.
We hurried after her, silently hoping we weren’t too late.
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