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Year 2013

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Chapter 1

The ground shakes and everyone screams and cries as they know this is their last moment on earth, the last to see their friends and families smiling faces, the last to see anything in fact.
“Over here! Quickly! Don’t let them touch you!” Mark yells as he crawls out from under his desk, kicking and dodging the outreached hands of our fellow classmates.
“Pipe down, I’m coming!” Sarah yells back.
“There! The emergency exit, let’s go!” Kate points as she steps on my hand on her way toward the exit.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” I whisper as she advances away from me, not wanting her to hear my warning.
“You and Mark go on ahead, I need to grab my bag from my desk,” Sarah says and she bends over and winks at me from the other side of the classroom.
“What? Do you want to die? We don’t have time for that!” Mark yells, screaming curses at her as she walks back to her desk, stepping on everyone that gets in her way.
Oh how I love Sarah, she really knows how to get him mad.
“Just go on, I’ll be there in a sec. See, I’m already half way to my desk in less than 10 seconds.”
“Whatever, just make it quick,” Kate says as she quickly reaches for the emergency door handle.
Good, now don’t open it until Mark gets there! I smile to myself. Sarah and I had planted a trigger bomb a few minutes before the explosion of the nuclear plant next door. Stupid place to put a school, right?
“Duck, Sarah!” I whisper as she digs through her desk beside me.
“Let me get the masks, Ne, calm down.” She says as she drops two masks beside me.
“Oh, right thanks,” I smile at her as she ducks down beside me.
“Whatever, just sit back and enjoy the show. It’s not like anything can hurt us.”
“Heh, that’s true,” I laugh as Mark finally reaches Kate.
“Where the hell did she go?” Kate yells as she looks back.
“It doesn’t matter; let’s just get out of here!” Mark yells back as another explosion rocks the school.
Kate quickly reaches for the handle as huge chunks of cement fly through the windows. She turns the handle and swings the door open, Mark running out first, leaving her standing in the doorway, trying to regain her balance.
The force of the explosion blows Sarah and I away with the desks, dead bodies cushion our fall, but I’d rather hit the floor. We both quickly look back toward the door to catch a glimpse of a mangled body –missing a few parts- knock Kate over. I give Sarah a high-five as Kate goes down with a yelp.
“Well, I guess we have to finish her off,” Sarah smiles as she closes her eyes, concealing her bright purple ones, reopening them to reveal a deep red colour that could put the Devil to shame.
“Oh yea, this will be fun,” I smile back as I put my arm out, palm up, and summon my sword.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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