Love Is Blind

January 6, 2012
By Krystn23 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Krystn23 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Liora goes in search for her father, Sky the weather god, but soon finds herself struck blind. She's in need of help whether she wants it or not, she needs it.
Wade protects his father, Snow the winter god, from the prying eyes of Londoners. He finds himself being ordered to go find a demigod by the name of Liora who is in grave danger, whether she knows it or not. He finds that he has feeling for a girl who can't even see him.
Jeff is an average human who happens to be in love with Liora. He finds that he's stumbled into a world that he's not supposed to know about, and an adventure he never signed up for.
Velia has had a difficult past with which she wishes never to discuss, and secrets that nobody shall know. Her power gives her a constant migraine that she can tolerate, but it may be the end for her. What she withholds may risk the lives of all of them.

They all have to get Liora to safety, but true safety is in the hands of her father, whom they have to find. But, will Liora be able to break the curse that has her blind or will she stay that way forever?

Krystn P.

Love Is Blind

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