The Legends or Mordor: The Rise of the Young of Mordor

December 8, 2017
By TheMajorLeagueStoryWriter, Huntington, Indiana
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TheMajorLeagueStoryWriter, Huntington, Indiana
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"You have my Sword." Aragorn- the fellowship of the ring

In the Fourth Age Year of 1571, the city of Gondor still stands as one of the biggest kingdoms in the whole that is called Middle Earth. The King ruled over his people, keeping all safe with his army. His name was Arathorn, named after his grandfather. He ruled Gondor with and iron fist, literally, and a sword by his side. He was bitter, because he just got news that his patrol was killed by orcs in the Valley of the Wind. "I cannot believe my best men could not defeat simple orcs. This is an outrage! I will not let this stand!" He slammed his iron fist on the table, nearly breaking it in half. He stomped down the grand hall to the barracks. He slammed the door open to his commander, Charles Twitch, and his men. "Twitch! I have had it with these orcs killed out people! I want you and your men to track down these orcs, and kill them in cold blood!" Twitch didn't move, flinch, or even breath. He stared at his king, feeling his king's heavy breath on his face. Finally, he grabbed his sword and said" Don't worry, King Arathorn. My men will take them down. Right, Men?" His men all cheered and raised their swords. "Can we help?" The men all looked at the voice coming from a young boy, a boy at the age of 16. He stood next to his brother. These two were Jack and Samuel. Jack was a stout, strong, and brave boy with brown hair. His brother was just a young kid at the age of 14, who was skinny, timid, and mainly afraid, but still loved to help. The soldiers all stared at the kids, but then they bellowed a laugh. They all made their own comments. "You?" "Help the gondorian army?" Your out of your flipping mind!" Twitch yelled" That's enough! All of you, Shut it!" They all remained quiet. Twitch walked to the boys and kneeled down to them and put his hands on their shoulders. "My sons, i love your admeration to the people and your king, but your just too young, and inexperienced. Maybe when your older, but right now, I would like you to go home and help your mother with the chores." The boys looked down in dismay, and they begrudgingly walked home. They passed their friends pretending to fight in wars. They both walked back home to help their mother. Hours later, they watched their father and his men pass by as they went out to fight the orcs. Jack was using a blade his father gave him. It was a curved orc blade, with the orc symbol meaning "Warrior" on the hilt. He was practicing on a wooden orc dummy he made. Samuel just sat on his bed staring into the ceiling while their mother was cooking dinner downstairs. After doing some impressive moves with the blade, Jack picked up his bow and was about to fire when Samuel interrupted him. "Have you gone as crazy as a goblin? Your gonna kill someone like that. Just admit it brother, your no elf." Jack chuckled and said" And your no warrior or ranger. If you want to survive in this world, you have to be prepared. You cannot run from everthing. An orc is fast, but you have to be faster. I just wish father would stop holding us back." Samuel sighed and said "He is not holding us back, he is protecting us. We cannot fight orcs. We're kids, young. We cannot fight. It's too dangerous." Jack groaned and said "You sound just like father. Well, if your too chicken, then i won't tell you my plan." Samuel raised his eyebrow in excitment. "What plan?"

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Chapter three will be right after!

“Oh, the great and timid Samuel wants to here his brothers plan to save Middle Earth. How shocking.” Said Jack in a mocking tone. Samuel shook his head in shame towards his brother. “I may not be a fighter, but you should know my medical skills greatly surpass yours. My training with the nurses as come a far way.” Jack chuckled. “Oh, yes. We will need all the medical supplies we can when we are in battle. Healing in battle is for poor warriors. Only the strongest warriors take a hit from an arrow or a blade and still fight.” Their mother came upstairs to talk about what she was hearing. “You boys and your talk of the war. By the time your ready to train you will know more than Gandalf the White. But enough of that, come down. It’s time for dinner.” The boys went downstairs to eat their roast. They ate a big feast, then after washing the dishes, the boys went back upstairs. Samuel went back to his bed whilst Jack pulled out a paper, which peaked Samuel’s intrigue. “’What’s that?” “This, dear brother, is the map of Middle Earth. This map shows all of the places the gondorians have mapped out so far. This was used back in the Battle of Helm’s Deep, The Black Gate, and the Battle at Rohan. If the great warriors of old can use these maps to beat Sauron, then we can use it to defeat the Talon.” Samuel listened, then gave his opinion. Jack hoped his brother would man up and try to help. “That is the most stupidest plan I have ever heard!” Jack groaned. “I haven’t even told you the plan!” “Yes, and I have already heard enough. You want to kill yourself, that’s fine. But I am not risking my life to fight in a war that will get us killed!” Jack needed a way for Samuel to agree, because even though he won’t admit it, he needed Samuel’s medical training, because even though he was brave and courageous, even he had doubts. Then Jack remembered. In his mind he thought “Hmm, he won’t help. Well, sorry brother, I need you. Maybe a bet will help you reconsider. You never could turn down a bet.” Jack pulled out his money pouch and shake it, following was a continuous jingle of coins. “I will give you all my money in this pouch if we find someone you like as either a love interest, or a fellow warrior.” Samuel turned with confusion. “Why” “Because, we can’t do this alone, we need at least an entire team of warriors to help us win the battle.” Samuel though for a while, then said “All of your money if we find a new follower?” Jack shook his head in agreement. Samuel sighed. “Deal.” They shook hands and Jack went over the plan. “Ok, so here is what we do. Over the next week, we will take food and supplies from the town. Then, we take weapon and armor from the barracks. We find some horses and we hide it all away from the soldiers. When the time is right, we take the horses, and travel across the map, going from the different places and different regions to find our followers, then, we all make our way to the Talon, and we defeat him. Easy, yes?” Samuel did have his doubts, but he knew his brother would never stop meddling with him, so decided to go along with it. “Yes, this is a very good plan. Hone should we start gathering?” “First thing tomorrow.” They both went to bed and and landed there for a while, both thinking about the plan. Jack was excited about the search and the Journey. Samuel only saw problems in his way.

The author's comments:
Chapter four will be coming soon. I will be popping these out a lot. leave a comment if you want to see a second book after this one.

Meanwhile, even when the boys are preparing to fight the Talon, he was making his own plans. He was sitting on his throne at the tower of Mordor, watching through his window at his army preparing to invade. Orcs were working in the forgery pits below, forging together mettles to create the Uruk swords and armor. They worked day and night, forging the weaponry, cutting down the trees for fuel, and worked together to prepare the warriors for war. The warriors who were fighting were the Uruks. Bigger, tougher, stronger, and faster than orcs. They were the toughest monsters the men, women, and soldiers of Middle Earth have ever faced. They have lost many shares of land and heroes to the Uruks. The Uruks trained on the grounds, fighting each other, often killing one another for power. The Uruk captains were in control. There were three captains who were under the command of the Warchief, the second in command of the Talon. The first captain was Krùk Blood-Axe, a Uruk warrior who wore red paint, and wields a skull with a blood through it’s face, come up with the name Blood Axe. The second captain was Thakrak the Raven. He was a scavenger who eats man flesh, and wields two curved blades, just like Jack’s curved blade. He scavenged and searched for many different things he wanted. The last captain was Pushkrimp the Battle-Hardened. He wore heavy armor all around his body, wields a shield and spear, and has survived countless stabs and battles, but he always pulled through. They were hard at work, making sure their warriors and forgers were at work. When ever a warrior or worker rested, they put them down. Krùk was watching the forge, when he saw an orc resting. He got mad, lifted him from his resting spot, and plunged his face into the molten lava, lifting his face out and listening to his screams of pain. He then through him into the hole below. “Well? What are you looking at? Back to work, you globs!” The Warchief was sitting in his barracks, waiting for his men to come back with information about the battles. His name was Mogg the Executioner. He used to be a simple executioner of man, but in a battle against soldiers, he killed them all himself. He now has a giant sword, and wears a helmet with a skull paint and horns. An orc came through the door and whispered the information. His face turned from concern to anger, grabbing his sword and slicing his soldiers head off. He went to his master. He kneeled down in front of him. “Master, the patrols have been slain by the Gondorian Captain. Shall we send out our warriors to kill them?”The Talon sipped his wine and said in a calm voice “ No. Keep them at work. I have an idea. I think it may involve some former friends of our lord.” Mogg was confused, but he didn’t want to anger his master. But the next thing the Talon said frightened him. “There is no need to be sorry for confusion. You were confused, and you want to know my plan. Very well. Listen closely, Mogg.” Mogg walked up to the Talon and listened to his plan. “There is a creature in the mountains that frighten any creature, man and eagle alike. Shelob, the spider. We will need her for this plan to work. That is where you come in. Now, listen closely.”

After an entire week of narrowly avoiding the guard and taking the supplies they need, Samuel and Jack loaded up the two best horses the army had and started to put their supplies on the backs of the horses. Samuel was continuously looking back at the city and thinking about his mother and father. Jack was packing, until he noticed his brother’s sadness. He came up and hugged him. “It’s ok, brother. I know it’s sad to leave them behind, but think of it like this. We are helping them, and they will be so proud of us defeating the Talon.” Samuel was limp in his brothers arms, but soon returned the embrace as tears flowed down. In a weak and shaky voice he said “I’m not sure. What if we die? What about mother? And father?” “If we die, then we die with honor, not stupidity. We WILL die with honor, and I expect no less. Plus, I promise I will not let you die, little brother.” Samuel was starting to feel happy, but then he felt a sharp pain in his head and pushed Jack off of him. Jack fell to the ground, and saw his brother nearly scream in agony while holding his head. Samuel fainted to the ground, and inside his head, he heard a woman’s voice. It was soft and delicate, as if she was whispering. He heard the voice speak. “Samuel, you are brave for following your brother to fight. You are making the right choice. I cannot tell you who you will find for your quest, but you must head to Imaldris, or the place you humans know as Rivendall. Now go, and make your way to the elven kingdom. And be safe, young healer.” Her voice was replaced by Jack’s voice. “Sam? Sam? Samuel? Brother, speak to me!” Samuel woke up with sweat on his face and tears in his eyes. “Oh, thank the king I thought you were dead!” Samuel was stunned by what he heard. He sat there for a minute, processing the things he heard. “Sam? Are you ok?” Samuel soon got the courage to speak, yet it was still shaky. “I…heard a voice. A woman voice when I fainted.” Jack had a look of confusion on his face. “ A woman? But, there was no woman here. Are you sure you didn’t imagine it?” Samuel shook his head no. “I know what I heard. It’s voice was sweet, delicate, and kind. Honestly, it sounded like mother.” Jack was still confused, but believed his brothers, since he never lied to him yet. “Well. What did the voice say?” Samuel tried to remember. “I remember it saying that we need to find our next follower at Imaldris. It said it cannot tell me why, but it was imperative for the quest.” Jack got confused. “Imaldris?” “Rivendall.” “Ah, well then, let’s be off then. To Rivendall we go!” After getting some rest, they loaded up the horses and started their journey to Rivendall.

Jack and Samuel were riding their horses towards Rivendall, hoping to get help from the elves. They hoped they would be able to try and defeat the Talon. But about a quarter mile away, a patrol lead by Krùk was following the two boys on their journey. He looked through his telescope and watched the boys travel across the plains. His Uruk soldiers are behind him waiting for his signal to attack. He had is first soldier next to him watching the boys. “Sir, should we attack now?” Krùk smacked him in the face. “No, you filthy güb! They’re going to Rivendall, yet ewe don’t know where. So we follow them, then we kill them, and the elves.” They slinked away just in time. Samuel thought he saw the Uruks. “What the? Was that….naw. I’ve been in the sun for too long.” They continued to ride their horses. Jack stopped to check his map. “Ok, so if we’re here at the fork, then the path to Rivendall should be that way. Hyah!” They rode through the forest and followed the path, unknown that they were being followed by Krùk’s gang. They snuck to the entrance. One of his orcs giggled insanely. And he pulled out a crossbow. “Now we kill them?” Krùk took the crossbow, and bonked him on the head with the back of it. “No. Your suck a glob! We have to let them live until we FIND the elves kingdom.” “Oh” Krùk groaned and commanded them to move forward through the forest. Inside the forest, Samuel and Jack were resting on the road. Jack was practicing is sword work while Samuel made dinner, a roasted chicken. “Hyah! Hyah! Gr! Have at ye, Uruk scum, I will defeat you, and your master! Ha ha!” Suddenly, Jack’s head throbbed and he felt strange. Samuel looked up to him. “Jack? Are you ok?” In Jack’s head, he heard only a woman’s voice. “You are in danger, you must leave now. The Talon’s minions are behind you. You must leave!” Suddenly, he opened his eyes to see an archer aiming at Samuel. “Look out!” Jack pulled him out of the way, the arrow being lodged in the chicken. “What in the King’s name was that?” “Attack!” Suddenly, from the entrance, Krùk and his gang attacked them, swords in hand. Jack and Samuel grabbed all they could and rode away on their horses. They thought they were away, but an archer shot Samuel’s horse and the horse fell down on his legs. Jack stopped to try and help him up, but the horse was too heavy. From behind, two Uruk charged the boys. Jack took his curved blade and stood his ground. The two uruks stopped. “Hold on, that’s Glùk’s dagger. Captain Glùk’s. Where did you get that dagger, man swine?” Jack held the dagger firmly in his hand, and formed a battle pose. “This dagger was given to me by my father, the captain of the Gondorian Armada. Army for your dumb brains.” The one Uruk got mad and was about to attack when his partner stopped him. “Your father? The captain? Twitch?” Jack was surprised. “How do you know my father’s name?” The Uruk pulled out a piece of cloth, the same cloth from his father’s war scarf. Caked in blood. “It was nice to see that man swine die, I decided to keep this for myself. And also, you should have been watching.” “Jack! Help!” Jack looked behind him and saw an Uruk hold his sword over his brothers head. He tried to run towards him, but another Uruk grabbed him and forced him to watch. The Uruk over Samuel said “I am going to dine on man flesh, then I’m going to eat that chicken. But first, to carve the meat.” He was about to, but his captain stopped him. “Don’t you globs know first kill belongs to the captain?” He pulled his blood-axe and was about to strike, but suddenly, an arrow struck his axe and it dropped, then four more killed his soldiers. Krùk was standing there, wondering where the enemy was, but he couldn’t see him, until he fell down from a tree. Turns out, it was a she. “Darn it all to Elrond’s name!” Krùk laughed at her, but Samuel stabbed his ankle, then Jack grabbed his blood-axe and went over to him. Still on the ground and holding his ankle, he looked up at Jack holding the blood-axe over his head. “Even if I die, it won’t bring back your father, it won’t save your withering mother, and it won’t give you the honor you deserve!” Jack and Samuel were shocked at the Uruk who told them about their private conversation. “How did you know?” The Uruk smiled. “The Talon hears all and sees all. You will die, just like your weak father!” Jack was about to bring the axe down on him, but Samuel jumped on the Uruk and repeatedly stabbed the Uruk, cursing and screaming bloody murder. “Die! Die! Die, you dumb Uruk scum!!!!” Jack pulled him off, and Samuel bawled his eyes out and hugged Jack. Jack hugged back, and started silently crying. The woman came towards them, and put her arm on his shoulder. “ I’m sorry about your father, but we must go. My father will need to see you.” The boys looked and saw the girl. She was beautiful with blonde hair and a warrior garb. When she walked away and the boys got up, Jack gave the money bag to Samuel. “Told you”

The girl lead the way to Rivendall on foot while the boys shared the only horse. Samuel couldn’t stop staring at the girl. He thought she was the most beautiful person he ever met. Jack nudged his shoulder. “Go on, brother. Make conversation with her. Don’t be a wimp.” Samuel sighed. “So, what’s your name, miss?” “My name is Alicia Greenleaf.” Jack’s eyes almost burst out when she said her name. Samuel said in an excited tone “Greenleaf? Your related to the greatest elf known to men? Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Rivendall?” The girl chuckled. “It’s nice to know people have heard of my great grandfather and all he has done for Middle Earth. And even though he has passed, his legacy is still being remembered by all elves for hundreds of years.” After some walking, the little place known as Rivendall came into view. Jack and Samuel couldn’t believe their eyes. It was beautiful, with trees as high as castles, Rivers clearer than the plains, and people and children happily going on with their lives as if there was no evil in the world. They made their way to the stables and hitched their horse. “Come, please. My father would like to see you in the grand hall.” They walked away towards the main building, where inside, there were men and women in royal garbs sitting at their thrones, and in the middle, was an elf with a wooden crown, yellow garbs, and had a elven golden spear next to him. “So, you two are the boys who want to defeat the Talon?” Jack and Samuel sighed in annoyance. “How does everyone know what we are doing?” The man laughed. “We here in Rivendall called upon our ancestors for when someone important will be here, and clearly, you are important.” Jack laughed. “I knew it! I knew it! I told it was a good idea!” Samuel cleared his throat and Jack suddenly realized he was with royalty. He then kneeled down. “I’m sorry, lord..?” “Not lord, sir. Sir Elronhir, leader of the elves of Rivendall. And we welcome you here to our home.” Samuel came forward. “We thank you for allowing us to rest here, and also, we thank your daughter for saving us from those orcs.” Elronhir nodded. “We are always there to help all in need. Now, tell us your plan. Please, enlighten us.” Jack pulled out his map. “We are following this map to find new members of our group to help us defeat the Talon. And we have been having visions on who we need for our quest. And we’re not sure, but we think the new member of our group is your daughter, Sir Elronhir.” The members of the throne looked at each other, then at their leader. He looked at his daughter, then chuckled. “You have been getting visions from our old friend, Galadriel. She was said even in death, she would help out all in need. She must be telling you the people for your quest in these visions.” But everyone started arguing because they couldn’t let her go with the boys on the dangerous quest . “Silence!” All of the members remained silent for their sire. “Galadriel has not lied to us yet, and promised she would help even in death. If she says that my daughter is to help, then she will help.”

“Until I am ready and say goodbye, you will have to stay here for a while. I must go do my training.” Alicia left and the boys sat down on the beds. “So, Sam. Your in love ain’t you?” Samuel blushed a bright red. “What? No! She is just a good warrior.” Jack smirked. “Right.” Samuel groaned and left to walk around. He saw many different shops, different buildings, and people all waving to him. He went up to an armory shop. He thought “Maybe I should get a weapon. I might need to defend myself. Maybe an elven spear like Elronhir’s and a bow.” He walked up to the shop keeper. “One elven spear and bow with arrows please.” The shop keeper came back with the items. Samuel was about to pull out his money bag. “No, please. It’s on the house. For the adventurous boy, you need to defend yourself. Keep it.” Samuel hugged and took the weapons. He asked around where the archer training grounds is. He made his way there, and he saw eleven archers training, almost all getting bullseyes. “They’re good.” He saw Alicia doing her training, so he went to the target zone right next to her. “Good to see you again, Samuel of Gondor.” Samuel thought it would flatten her if she talked like her. “And good to see you, Alicia Greenleaf of Rivendall.” Alicia giggled. Samuel knew she was getting used to him. He tried to shoot, and he did ok, but he often missed. Alicia saw he was struggling, and decided to help. “ you have to be still, not shake. Here, let me show you.” She held his hands to try and help, but it only made him more nervous, until he calmed down. He shot, and got it on the nose. “Good. Now, try without me.” She let go, and Samuel tried again, getting on the nose again, multiple times. “Very good.” Samuel couldn’t believe he did it. He turned to her and shook her hand. Both of them lightly blushing. Jack peaked around the corner and saw them both. “Sorry brother, but your in love. Heh, too bad I don’t have one.” He walked away. Hours later, the boys were packing their new horses with their supplies. Alicia was saying goodbye to her parents ad friends. Samuel got sad again. Jack came back and hugged him. Suddenly, Samuel’s head hurt again, but he was more used to it. “Sam? Is it another vision?” The voice said “Congratulations on meeting your first fellow warrior, but you will need two more to defeat your enemy. The next member is at the Mines of Moria. Beware of cave trolls, they are brutish.” The pain went away and Samuel opened his eyes. “Our next friend is at the Dwarf village, The Mines of Moria.”

“My master, Krùk and his men have been slain. These boys are stronger than we thought.” The Talon sipped his wine and ate his food. Only when we stopped, he answered. “Krùk was the weakest of the three. It’s matters not he is gone. We continue with the plan. Have you gotten word from Mogg?” “Yes, master. He is preparing for the small ambush at Gondor right now. And he knows only to kill the boys woman, and any in their way, then leave.” The Talon smiled sinisterly. “Excellent. This will make those boys sorry they crossed the Talon.” He raised his metal hand with sharp fingers in the air, and made a fist, and brought it to his chest. “For our Dark Lord.” The Uruk did the same. At the gates of Gondor, two guards were at the front. They watched for uruks. Mogg and his gang were stalking them from beyond the trees. Mogg had about fifty uruks with him, and he wielded his giant executioner sword. “Get ready to kill those man swines. Arm the crossbows.” Two Uruk soldiers armed their crossbows and prepared to fire. Mogg lowered his arm and they fired, silently killing the men. They ran up to them and pulled them into the bushes. Suddenly, a group of soldiers on horses came up the road. “Wait for them to open the get and them to get inside, then we will attack. Find the boys mother, then block off an area, then prepare for the execution.” The men rode up to the gate and called out for the gate keeper to open. They opened the gate, and the men rode in. But from behind, the uruks charged through the gate. “Attack! Find the mother!” The people were screaming and trying to get away, but many of the men were killed. One was grabbed by his hair, and throat was slit. They searched for many hours, until they held up at the barracks, waiting for the woman to come to them, with hostages at hand. “Sir, how long before the woman gives herself up? I want to kill these hostages.” Mogg ate a chicken leg, then he spoke. “We wait for as long as we have to. She will come.” Eventually, the guards came back to meet their commands. Mogg came out with his sword and gang. “We demand the wife of Captain Twitch! Bring her to us, and you will all be spared from death by us.” The mother came forward, and the people all pleaded for her to not give herself up. But she wanted answers. “What did you do with my husband? Tell me, uruk scum!” She smacked the Warchief, smacking her away immediately. “Grab her, and put her on the block.” Two uruks grabbed her and placed her head on the chopping block. Mogg stood over her and started to give a speech. “Here me, people of Gondor! Your time on Middle Earth is over! The Dark Lord may have been defeated, but his army is not! We will slay all in our path! No matter where you go, we will find you! Helm’s Deep, Isanguard, Rivendall, The Shire, or even Rohan, you will be crushed under the Talon’s metal hand! But the first step to the end of Middle Earth, starts with this woman! Her sons have set out to try and defeat our master!” The people gasped, and the mother had a look of pure fear and shock on her face that her sons tried to fight back. “But, they are only marching to their deaths! Now, let the execution begin!” The uruks started a chant, chanting their leader’s name, while he grabbed his giant sword. “You will leave this world without honor, and die like the swine you are!” He raised his sword. And prepared to slice down. The mother closed her eyes and called out I her head. “Spirits of the men of Gondor and the Fellowship. Please, watch over my sons and his friends. Let them succeed, even in my death.” Mogg sliced down, and the hero’s mother, has been slain. The Uruk gang cheered and chanted. Mogg grabbed the head and held it up with his sword in the other hand. “Dark Lord, are you not satisfied of your army? We have succeeded in our goal. Middle Earth is one step closer to being ours! For the Talon!” All the uruks brought their fists to their chests. Meanwhile, the three friends were resting in a cave, waiting for the day to come. Samuel suddenly felt a big guilt in his heart, that caused him to stagger and fall to the ground. “Sam? What is the trouble, my friend?” Samuel stood up with tears in his eyes. Jack went up to him. Alicia stood by the fire, suddenly realizing what his face meant, because she went through the same. “Jack? Brother, what is the matter?” “Jack….our mother is dead.”

Jack couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but he felt the pain in his heart too, so it was undeniable. He sat down on the ground, and sat there, staring at the wall. Samuel walked out of the cave crying, hoping to try and find a place to cool down. Alicia couldn’t believe what had happened. She ran off to a river, trying to think of what to do. She tried to think, but every little thing made her angry. “What am I to do? I want to help that boy, but what can I do? Darn everything to—“ Suddenly, she looked up at a person across the river. “Hey, mister. Can you help me? Are you lost?” The man turned around to face her, and she knew exactly who he was. “Great grandfather? Is that you?” The man got up and walked across the water towards her. He kneeled down to her, and his face was the same as her great grandfather’s, Legolas Greenleaf. “Yes, it is me, granddaughter. But I am only her to help you in this problem. You are in love with the boy, aren’t you?” She looked back at Samuel, sitting on a tree branch, watching the moon shine. “Yes, but in this situation, I have no idea what I can do. I am failing you, Lord Elrond, and my father and people if I do not find a way to bring them back together.” She started to cry, but Legolas wiped away the tears. He chuckled. “You are not failing me or anyone else. You have been through the toughest battles since my time. And you have not my support, but my friends support as well.” From behind, three people came forward. One was a tall man with a sword, black clothes, and a bow. Another was a dwarf wearing red clothing, a helmet, and had an axe. The last was a hobbit, with brown clothes, pants, and a dagger. She gasped. “Lord Aragorn, Sir Gimili, Frodo! All of you?” Aragorn stepped forward. “Remember these words, for you will need them. Jack was my skill of the sword.” Frodo spoke. “And your friend Samuel has my skill of the dagger.” Legolas spoke. “And you have my bow, and it’s skills.” Gimili in his normal booming voice spoke. “But you still need someone who has the skills of my axe, and the magical powers of the wizard, Gandalf the White. You will need to find them in order to win this battle.” She looked back at Samuel, and knew what she had to do. “Thank yo—“ She turned back, and they were gone. She smiled. “Thank you.” She ran towards Samuel in the tree, and climbed up to see him. They sat there for a long time, until Alicia finally spoke. “I lost my mother in an invasion.” Samuel looked up at her. “The uruks wear attacking Rivendall. Even though we made them turn tail, they kidnapped my mother, and before they retreated back to their holes, they killed her right in front of me. It was the worst feeling I ever had in my life. But eventually, I got stronger. And now that I’m stronger, I can be what my great grandfather wanted me to be, a fighter. But I can’t of it alone. Samuel of Gondor, I NEED you.” She held his hand, and he wiped his tears. “And I need you, Alicia of Rivendall.” She giggled. He chuckled. They both stared at each other, but then, Jack came out, rushing towards them. “The voice spoke again! We have to hurry! Moria is under attack!”

The Mines of Moria has been the home of Dwarves that travel outside their mountain homes. Back during the travels of the fellowship, it was a tomb, the former home of Balin, cousin of Gimili, and leader of the Mines of Moria. But where in the picture did Horace come in? Horace was a dwarf, but he was different. He grew to the size of a full grown dwarf at the age of 15, when he was only supposed to reach that size at his early 30’s. He was born to a poor family in The Blue Mountains, but many years after his birth, his family was attacked by mountain creatures. His family fled to the Mines to try and survive. And survive they did, building an entire city under the mountains, completely secret from the enemies. Horace was a blacksmith, building weapons and armor for his warrior friends. His parents were war heroes, and his parents celebrate their accomplishments every single day with party and drinking. But he despised this. His parents barely notice him. They just have fun with their greed, while he works like a peasant. The only family to him was his boss, Balwyn. He worked on the blacksmith committee for over forty years. They got along like family, but Balwyn never let him serve. And every time Horace asked for acceptance to serve, Balwyn always came up with the same saying. “An unprepared dwarf is a dead dwarf. Until your definitely prepared, you will not serve. Now, grab the sword and sharpen it.” In his head, while sharpening the sword, Horace thought “Ugh! I just want to help out my dwarves friends and family. If I even have one. My stupid parents just have fun, like the kings of old. When I save Middle Earth, then they’ll have to listen.” Suddenly, there was the sound of alarm horns. Horace dropped his sword he was sharpening and grabbed his double handed axe and throwing axes and went to the front lines, but Balwyn stopped him. “Get back to the shop, it’s to dangerous!” Balwyn ran to the front lines. Horace sighed and went back home. He waited for the fighting to stop, but it went on for hours. After it stopped, he went outside his house. He saw many dwarves injured, and he went to the tent where they stored the dead for proper burial. But it was only filled with one body. He lifted the cloth, and found Balwyn dead. He stepped back and almost fell over. He tried to hold it in, but he couldn’t. He ran out in anger and started to destroy his room. After nearly destroying everything, he rolled up in a ball against the wall and cried. After he got it out of his system, he soon had a new purpose in life. He would try to destroy the Talon.

The group continued to ride towards the Mines of Moria in a rush. “How long until we reach the mines?” Jack looked at his map real quick. “It should be only about another quarter mile. We’ll be there in no time!” They continued through the plains until they came to the top of a hill. They looked down and saw a group of orcs waiting outside the mine entrance, with an elf as a prisoner. The group of kids was getting ready to attack, but another group came out screaming. The captain went up to them. “They slaughtered us!” the captain grabbed his head, and threw him in the lake. The door closed behind them. “Get that elf to say word again!” From on the hill, the kids crept up. Jack wondered. “Why do they need that elf?” “They need the elvish word for friend to open the door to the Mines.” Samuel said. Alicia armed herself with her bow, and set an arrow on fire. “Let’s scare them off. Make sure you guys try to help the elf.” The boys nodded and they pulled out their melee weapons. They sneaked down near the elf. They whispered to him. “Hey. We’re here to help. We’re going to cut you loose, but wait until they start panicking before you come with us.” The elf nodded, and they cut him loose. Alicia fired the arrow at their explosive barrel. It exploded, and the orcs all scattered into different directions. The prisoner grabbed an orc blade and stabbed his guards. He ran up the hill and went to Alicia. She continued to shoot arrows while Samuel and Jack fought orcs on the ground. Samuel got very good with his golden spear, and was able to take on two at a time, jumping over orcs and throwing his spear. After many of the orcs were dead, the others tried to escape into the mine, but when the four tried to get them, they were thrown out of the mine with axes in their chests. They saw the person who did, a dwarf. It was Horace, taking the throwing axes out of his chest. Jack, Samuel, and the elves went to Horace. “Who are you, and why have you come to our home?” “We came her to try and find a new member of our group. We are trying to find someone to help us defeat the Talon. A voice told us to come here, and we found these orcs here with this prisoner.” The elf spoke. “I am an elf from the Mirkwood forests. They captured me so they could open the door, since they don’t speak elvish.” Horace only heard what he wanted to hear. “Did you say you wanted someone to help you defeat the Talon? Well, you found him.” The four guests all looked at the young dwarf. “You really want to help us out? It could be dangerous. You might die.” Horace chuckled. “We dwarves are meant for battle. We forged many of the weapons the men of Middle Earth use. In fact, dwarves helped make weapons for the elves. That spear you have their is an ancient elvish-dwarfish battle spear.” Samuel looked at his spear. The prisoner elf looked at it’s sides and hilt. “He’s right. This right here is elvish and dwarfish languages.” Jack and Alicia looked at the spear. “He’s right. It is. But, why would you want to volunteer to help?” Horace picked up his throwing axe out of the orcs body. “Because, it was my dream to kill that Talon. My mother and father barely pay attention to me, and my only family was my blacksmith shop boss, Balwyn. But after an attack, he died. I promised I would defeat the orcs in his name, for the dwarf kingdoms in the mountains, and the Mines of Moria. And I promise, I will never let what happened to my last family member, happen to all dwarves.” Suddenly, Jack was getting another vision. “What does the voice say?” After his head cleared, Jack explained. “We need to make our way to the Mirkwood Forest. An apprentice of a great magician is leading a group of wizards for training. We need to go.” Horace went the the prisoner. “The dwarves inside will be able to help you, let you rest. When your ready to leave, we will give you a horse and supplies to get back home. Now, let’s get ready.”

The Mirkwood Forests used to be home to the evil spiders, but after the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins and his friends cleared them out, for two hundred years, there was peace, under the command of Radagast the Brown, but after his passing, he passed his training to other young wizards, who trained more wizards, increasing the number of wizards from five to over twenty. The wizard group was lead by Corin the Red, a very powerful wizard who wears a blood red coat, participated in many battles against the orcs, and is the main trainer of magician trainees. His most powerful student and apprentice was Mason the Yellow, a powerful magician who learns closely under the command of Corin. “Now, today we are going to learn how to use attack and physical spells. Mason here will demonstrate. The first spell is the blinding light. Mason, demonstrate.” Mason nodded and looked towards a tree. He opened his hands and focused white energy into his hand, and balled it up. He started to speak ancient elvish words, and he opened his hand, and a flash of light came out of his hands, flashing everything in front of him. The trainees were completely surprised at him. “Good, good. Now, next is a spell that can focus energy into your hands, make it hot, and it will be thrown out of your hand as fire. Mason, demonstrate.” Mason nodded and did the same thing, but blew into his hands, making his hand form flames, and he threw it at a tree, causing a big black circle to appear in the trunk. The trainees cheered. Corin laughed. “Good! Good! Excellent, Mason! Your on your way to being more powerful than me!” Mason smiled and turned around. “Thank you, but I think that you will always be the most powerful wizard Middle Earth has.” Corin chuckled. “Maybe now I am, but when I was but a boy, I was inspired by the greatest wizard of all time, Gandalf the White. He was one of the most well known wizards from Gondor to the Shire. Aye, he was a good person. But even powerful wizards cannot escape the embrace of death, and I went to Radagast, my grandfather for answers, but I saw he was gone too. I found his letter to me, and it inspired me to become who I am today. And who you are today, because if I had never read the letter, then I never would have been teaching you everything you know today, my apprentice. If fact, you are more of a son to me than an apprentice.” That brought tears of joy to Mason’s eyes. He hugged his mentor, and the old wizard laughed and hugged back. After the hug, they went back to the trainees, who were near perfectly using the spells they learned. “Good! Good! Nice work! Just keep practicing, and you’ll all be perfect magicians.” But suddenly, from behind, and arrow struck the tree. Corin turned around, and saw the Orc captain Pushkrimp the Battle-Hardened, and his two archers. The trainees all stayed back, and Corin and Mason held their ground. “Hello, Pushkrimp.” The captain chuckled and put his shield and spear on his back. “Hello, Corin the Red. Nice to see you again. You too, Mason.” Mason grunted and held his ground. “Nice kid. So, what are you doing? Don’t you know the MIrkwood Forest belongs to the Talon? Radagast left it in his name when he died all those years ago. So, it’s time to pay up. Leave, and we will let you live, until the Talon gets to you. What do you say?” The trainees all came forward and prepared for battle. Pushkrimp’s smile faded and turned to anger. He shrieked and pulled his shield and spear out. “You will die!” Corin grabbed his sword, and Mason grabbed his dagger. They charged. The trainees used their spells to repel the invaders, but anything they threw at the captain, he laughed. “I have learned how to resist your magic, especially your weak magic!” But from behind, his men dropped to the ground. He turned around, and saw an arrow in one, and an axe in another. “Where are you? WHERE ARE YOU, MANSWINES!?!?!” Samuel whistled from above in the trees. The orc looked up, and his face caught a spear, falling dead to the ground. From behind the bushes, Alicia, Jack, and Horace came. Corin called out to his trainees. “Come my little ones! He have visitors.”

“So, you four are going to try and defeat the Talon, by yourselves? Tell me, why are you going on this quest?” Jack spoke first. “Me and my brother Samuel want to defeat him so we can prove we can be useful and save Middle Earth.” “I was here because my father told me it was essential to the safety of Middle Earth and Rivendall.” Horace stepped forward. “And I joined so I could avenge my family.” The wizard chuckled. “A fine bunch, hoping to help the world. And you need my apprentices help, do you?” Jack said “Well, we do need him to help. We have a swordsman, a dwarf, a healer, and an Elvin archer. We need a magician, just like the Fellowship from hundreds of years ago.” Mason couldn’t believe that they knew who the Fellowship were, even the great Gandalf the White. “Well, I would allow Mason to join you on your quest, but we would like some assistance in our mission in the woods. The spiders are becoming more dangerous. Quicker, smarter, and tougher. Luckily, none of my trainees have been killed…yet. That’s why we need your help.” The four friends huddled. “Ok, we need to help them. It’s the right thing to do.” Alicia shook her head. “The spiders are infinitely more dangerous than the orcs or uruks. Even the mighty eagles are afraid of them.” Horace laughed. “Spiders are no match for a dwarf, and just you wait until my beard comes through, with my beard, it will be better than the mighty Thrain’s, and make me more powerful than Thorin Oakinshield.” Samuel chuckled. “That’s saying a lot coming from a blacksmith.” Horace frowned. “I will slam you into a wall and leave you to a cave troll.” They started arguing, and the wizard and his apprentice watched as them fought. “Ha! Just like a group of friends, or a family, right Mason?” Mason didn’t answer, he just watched. Eventually, they stoped arguing ad made their decision. “We’ve decided. We’ll help you fight the spiders and rid them from the forest in return for your apprentices service in our quest.” The wizard nodded. “Then we have a deal. But we can wait for tomorrow. For now, we need to celebrate.” Alicia said “Celebrate, why?” “Why for the new arrivals. We haven’t had guests in a long time! Guests are very rare for us in the woods.” The four shrugged and went on to the inner housings. The trainees were getting ready, setting up lights, making food by the fires, and some often pinching food. The four went to the main tent, guessing it was Corin’s, and when they went inside, it was as big as a house, with Corin and Mason in the kitchen. “What a nice house, Mr. Corin.” The wizard nodded and smiled. He brought out a bottle of ale. “Would anyone like a drink? It’s from 1470, a fantastic year.” Samuel, Jack, and Alicia shook their heads nervously. Horace just laughed. “Your all a bunch of little wimps. A dwarf, no matter what age, will be able to handle all kinds of drinks. We were the ones who also invented many of the ales your parents drink. No need to bring up parents, but bring me a cup of that ale!” The wizard grabbed a cup and poured a little in the glass. “Come on! Give me more!” The wizard shrugged and poured almost half the bottle in. Horace laughed and grabbed the ale. He drank it and licked his lips. He stood for a while and then he fell to the ground, drunk as a cat on catnip. The wizard and Mason both laughed. “I should have told you it has a bigger kick than other anything you dwarves have drank. Are you alright?” From the ground, Horace succeeded to lift his head and speak. “I have a diamond pony.” Mason chuckled. “Oh yes, he’s fine. Just a bit drunk.” They all laughed and walked out to the party.

Jack was having the time of his life. He knew that his mother was dead, he knew his people were in danger, and he knew the villains would come for him and his brother, but he knew they would not want him to be sad and miserable, they would want him to be happy and energized. The music was playing, and the trainees wanted him to dance. He couldn’t resist, so he started doing a river dance jog. The magicians cheered and whooped for the warrior and his dance moves. He was having the best time of his life. The wizard was lighting fireworks for the youngest. Horace was finally up and decided to drink the lighter ale, in a drinking contest. The magicians shouted. “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!” After about 5 bottles of the beer, he threw the last bottle and screamed a cheer. “Dwarves are the best drinkers in Middle Earth!!!” Alicia laughed and watched the two dance the night away. She looked over to Samuel, who had a glass of milk, watching the moon rise. Alicia still felt bad for him, and she knew they were both in love with each other, but neither is brave enough to admit it. She looked to her said and met her eyes on two spirits, Pippin and Mary. “What do I do?” Mary laughed. “You know what to do, just tell him.” “No, you have to wait.” “Quiet Mary!” “You be quiet you Took!” They both started to hit each other, then they disappeared. She laughed. “Even in the land of spirits, those two always argue.” She got the courage again and went to Samuel, who was sitting on the bench. She was about to approach, but she heard him talking. She hid behind the tree and spied on him. “I don’t know what to do. I want to talk to this girl and tell her what I feel, but what if she doesn’t want to be with me? I’m so befuddled.” She couldn’t believe what she heard. He was having the same feelings she had, but he also couldn’t admit it. She couldn’t believe it, but she could at the same time. She approached him, and he got startled and spilled his drink. They both laughed and she sat down while he clean his shirt. They both stared at the moon for a moment, then she breath a sigh, then went to tell him. “Samuel, we have known each other for a few days now, but I feel like our relationship has grown since then.” Samuel soon realized what she was talking about, but kept himself calm. “I believe that, I do. We have become friends since we first met at Rivendall. But I think we have become more than friends.” She blushed. “Yes, I think we have.” They both stared at each other for a while. Both just taking in their friends beauty and handsomeness of each other. Then, their lips met each other. They both held each other and kissed passionately for a little while. Samuel put his arms around her, and she held her hands on his neck. Jack walked by them, and suddenly noticed them. “Sammy! You lucky dog!” Both of them stopped and stepped back. Jack started laughing. They both got mad and grabbed their weapons. Jack cursed and ran off laughing. “Brother, if the Talon doesn’t kill you, I will!” They chased him throughout the whole night, and the wizard laughed and laughed at them.

The morning came and the four travelers awoke from their slumber. Well, Jack woke up. He rubbed his eyes and looked in his room. He saw Horace with a bottle of wine in his hands, snoring up a storm. He looked to the other side, and saw his brother snuggling with Alicia. He chuckled and made a thought. “Brother, you’ve come a long way from being the little brother who didn’t want to fight. Now your a warrior with a special someone. Good on ya.” Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. Horace flipped off his bed, and Everyone else just woke up. “Good morning friends! No time for pleasantries! It’s time for the favor!” They all groaned, but they all knew it had to be done, so they all got up and prepared for the day. Jack grabbed his orc dagger, Samuel grabbed his bow, arrows, and spear, Alicia grabbed her grandfather’s dual daggers and bow, and Horace picked up his double handed axe and throwing axes from the tree when he was throwing them on a dart board while drunk. They gathered the food, and gathered torches because spiders feared fire, and they loaded their horses. The four joined Mason, Corin, and two of the oldest magicians, James and Mark. They all got on their horses and rode on deeper into the forest. From behind, they saw the trainees waving and saying goodbye. They all waved back. After a few hours of riding, they made camp on the edge of the dangerous part of the forest. They built a fire and started to cook a roast. Mason and Corin kept watch while the four sat by the fire with the two magicians. “So, have you two ever fought the spiders before?” Mark let go of the crank for the roast and sat back. “Oh yeah, we’ve fought them before. Not an easy task. These creatures are different from the ones in the mountains. Their deadlier than them, faster than them, and tougher than them. It took almost all of our magicians together to take them down, including Mason and Corin.” The four all had looks of concern on their faces while James cooked the roast, continuing to look away and think about them. Samuel soon felt sick to his stomach. Alicia gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him instantly feel better. Mason saw this, and he chuckled, but then he started to get sad. Corin came towards him, noticing his sadness. “That reminding you of your family?” “Yes, Corin. It’s happy, but sad at the same time. My family died in Rohan, and I never got to say any last words.” The wizard was always concerned for the young apprentice. He took care of him since he was a child. He was considered a son to Corin, and Corin loved him like a son, like a part of the family. Suddenly, there was a scream coming from the woods. The four held their positions with their weapons and the magicians held their ground, preparing their spells. From the forest, a figure was running out. It was a web covered Hobbit screaming. He fell down onto the ground, and Alicia grabbed him and set him up against the tree. “What happened? How did you get here?” The Hobbit coughed and strained himself to speak. “Spiders….took some….Hobbits. I…tried to…save them. I did…but I got…stung. I’m poisoned. Need….medicine.” He coughed again and fainted. Samuel grabbed his medical supplies and pulled out a bottle marked “Spider Anti-Venom” “This will work. He won’t wake up, but he will be better. But he needs a bed to sleep in.” Corin took the hobbit carefully and put him on a horse. “James, Mark, come with me, we have to get him back to the village.” The two magicians got on their horses. “Corin, what about us?” “You five will have to get rid of the spiders without me.” The five friends all started to argue against it. “SILENCE!!! I have said you will fight them alone, and you will. Do not worry, you have my blessing.” He rode off with the two magicians and the hobbit. The five stood there watching them ride back. Horace said “Well, we are doomed.” Jack smacked him in the back of the head. “No need to be negative, we can do this! Besides, if we can’t beat spiders, than we can’t beat the Talon. And that is our job! Now, lets do this!” They all cheered and went inside the forest.

The five friends walked through the Mirkwood Forest. The forest was dark, with only small patches of sunlight peaking through the trees. There were spider webs in the trees, bushes, the flowers, and on the ground, some even connecting to each other in the air. The wind blew a cold chill down the friends’ backs. Mason lead the way with a ball of light in his hands, Horace had his double handed axe in hand, Alicia watched the back with her bow, and Samuel and Jack walked in the middle. Samuel was very nervous, because he didn’t want to mention it, but he was afraid of spiders, especially the Mirkwood Spiders. But he knew with his friends, his love, and most importantly, his brother, he could do anything and be brave enough to save his friends and avenge his parents. They continued through the forest until they came up to a big spider web wall, which they could not see out of. Horace went up to the wall and put his whole arm in there. The wall was very thick. Mason said “Horace, maybe you shouldn’t do that. That’s pretty dangerous.” Horace rolled his eyes, but then something started to pull on his arm. He yelled and the others started to pull him. He got free, and he was fine, because it was all a prank. Horace jumped up and laughed so hard he almost fell back down. “That was not funny you idiot! You dwarves are nothing but drunk pranksters! You’re useless!” Mason screamed at Horace. But the others were surprised by Mason’s loud critique. “Sorry. I’m just tired from all of this. Please forgive my tone. Just be careful, ok?” They all nodded. “Ok, now. What do we do to get through this wall of webs? We need to go this way, but they made this wall Why?” Alicia said “Maybe they knew we were coming.” Mason shook his head. “No, they may be smart, but their not that smart. They wouldn’t build up a defense like this. They would usually make a group of spiders defend this part.” “Mason?” Mason turned around to Samuel who pointed up, where he saw spiders in the trees. He groaned. “Why am I always right?” They pulled out their weapons and prepared for the onslaught of spiders. The 8 legged monsters jumped at them, but they defended themselves. Alicia shot her arrows at the ones in the trees. Samuel stayed next to her and defended her with his spear. Horace and Jack sliced and diced the spiders with their weapons, but they kept coming. Mason held a group of spiders back by forming fire in his hands and shooing them away. But he did check behind him, and when he turned around, a spider jumped on him and tried to bite him. “Help me!” Alicia looked back and shot an arrow into the spiders abdomen. He threw it off and breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks.” She nodded and shot another arrow. Suddenly, there was a very loud screeching sound coming from behind the web wall. The spiders stopped attacking and they climbed the trees and went over the wall. The group stopped to catch their breath and relax. After a rest, they still had to get through the wall. Jack had an idea. He grabbed a torch from the backpack. “Mason? Light this for me will you?” Mason nodded and conjured up a flame on his finger, which lit up the torch. Jack threw it at the wall, and after short time, it all came crumbling down in a pile of ashes. They cheered, and continued through the woods. From behind, Thakrak the Raven was following them from the trees. “You will never escape the spiders. I will prove it”

“The Tower of Mordor is indeed a very majestic place, but I have no champion to reign if I am to be defeated.” The Talon watched out his window at the fire and burning of the land of Mordor before him. He watched as his orcs went to work bringing supplies from the areas around and forging the weapons of mass destruction. The Talon needed more warriors, so he sent a message raven to a very evil and powerful wizard. He lived in the mountains, relaxing while he watched the rock golems fight on the mountains. His name was always called Slimeball, because that is what many of the people in the world called him for what he was, but his real name was Erin the Black, rival of Corin the Red and raiser of the dead. The raven travel to on old castle ruins in the fields, where the old wizard was working on his potions. The raven flew through his window and the wizard called to it. “What does the Talon want me to do?” He took the note from it’s leg and read it. “Ah. He wants an Uruk Warrior does he? Well, he will get one. Come, my friends. We have work to do.” His guards came to his workshop. “Go to this area and dig up the grave there. It will have the thing we need for our new soldier.” Back at the forest, the five friends continued through the forest to get rid of the spiders. They continued through the same path, all noticing that the webs were getting bigger. Jack said “I hate spiders. I really hate spiders.” Mason chuckled. “When you’ve done this for a while, you’ll get used to it.” Horace smiled. “I agree. I may not have fought these giant bugs before, but I had a lot of fun doing that. You sure know how to have fun for a brainiac.” Mason rolled his eyes. “I’ll take that as a compliment, but be careful and keep moving. You do not want to be caught in these webs of death.” Suddenly, they heard the same screeching noise again from the deeper part of the forest. They were all surprised because they didn’t think a spider could do that kind of noise. They ran further into the forest. Behind them, Thakrak was still following them from the trees. “You are doomed, followers. You will die.” The group ran and ran until they came to a giant opening. Filled with sunlight and a giant tree in the middle. Mason was the only one surprised. “This…is Radagast’s old home. This was his home and its been destroyed.” He was on the brink of crying, until he heard the screech again. He stopped and got ready for the attack. “Show yourself, demons! Fight me and my companions.” They heard an old booming crinkling voice. “You…do not…belong here. You are….disturbing my…..children.” They looked to where the voice came from and daw a giant spider crawling from the forest. “Who are you?” Said Samuel. “I…am…Argus. The spider king of MIrkwood. And you are trespassing on my domain. Now….you will become my children’s….dinner.” Argus screech and ran at the group. They all dodged and prepared for a nasty fight. Argus used his front legs as weapons and started to stab at the group, but they held him back. Horace, Jack, and Samuel held him back and tried to get a hit on him, And Alicia and Mason attacked the giant, using arrows and fireballs, but nothing seemed to hurt him. But suddenly, one of his legs grabbed Horace and threw him under his body, sending him to his pincer. Argus tried to stab Horace, but Horace dodged the attacks and deflected the pincer with his axe. But then Horace lost his weapon, but just before he got stabbed, Alicia shot an arrow In his big eye. He screeched and Horace crawled back to his friends. Argus finally stopped screeching and growled at his enemies. “You will never leave this place. You will be the meals of the Mirkwood Spiders, and your families will never find your bodies!” He charged again. Mason came forward and formed a shield. Argus rammed into it and bounced back. He got angry and tried to break it open with his front legs. “You guys better have a plan. I can’t hold it up for much longer.” Samuel’s mind was racing, trying to find a way to live, until he noticed a torch on the ground behind him with some flammable liquid. While the others weren’t looking, he grabbed the torch and struck it on the ground to light it. Then he dipped his spear head in the liquid and set it on fire. He climbed the tree and snuck to Argus until he was right above him. Argus broke through the shield, and the four in the shield fell. He was about to strike, but Samuel was right above him. “For Gondor!” He jumped from the tree and stabbed the fiery spear into the giants abdomen. Argus screeched the loudest they ever heard. Samuel held on for dear life. “Brother, give me your blade! Hurry!” Jack grabbed his curved orc blade and threw it to Samuel. Samuel caught it and climbed to Argus’ head. Samuel stabbed him in the head and plunged it deeper into the monsters head, black spraying from its wounds. Mason soon jumped up on the monster and chanted. “Ohisk shinako sleerind peiro!!” Lightening clashes down into his hands, and he sent the electric charge to the open wound, shocking the creature. The monster twitched and moved only small movements, until Argus soon fell dead. Samuel panted and heaved in surprise and happiness. Jack jumped up and down. Mason just sat down against a tree in disbelief. Horace chuckled and wiped off his axe. Alicia ran to Samuel and squeezed him until he couldn’t breath. He blushed a bright red. Horace and Jack joined the group hug. Mason looked at the four friends, and he knew that they could be trusted and they could be the ones who will save the land. Mason got up and went to them. “You really are powerful, and friendly. Whatever plan you have, count me in.”

“Well, is it done yet? Is the new warrior ready yet?” Said Erin the Black to his small group of spell-casting orcs. “Yes, he is ready. We just need your magic to help create the warrior we need.” Erin nodded his head and went to the body that was on the table. It was a tall orc, with curved metal spikes on his back, body armor on his body, metal armor on his mouth, with points that are just like teeth. He carries no weapon, nothing but metal spikes on his forearms. He was 10 feet tall, and was very powerful from the wizard’s magic. Erin used his magic to bring back the large warrior, infusing his magical techniques into the monster. After a little time, the orc’s eyes opened. He got up and looked around. Then looked down at the wizard. Erin grinned. “What is your name, warrior?” The orc bent down to the wizard’s level, and spoke. “You stand before……the Tower.” Erin chuckled. “You are indeed a very good warrior, but you’re better with my powers. I need you to go to the City of Gondor. Capture the king, so you can bring him to the Talon, your master, and we execute the king in front of his people after we get his secrets. Do you understand?” The Tower stood upright. “The Tower understands. Kidnap King of Gondor, take him to master, then execute in front of people. The Tower will get it done.” The Tower then teleported away. Erin chuckled. “Good.” Outside, the Tower was walking around the orcs building the weapons and armor. The orcs stopped and looked at the tall monster. He looked around at the small orcs. One orc went to touch the Tower, but when he did, the Tower grabbed him by the head. The orc screamed in his hand, and there was orange glowing coming from the face. “The Tower does not like to be touched. I will suck out the memories, your ambitions, and your life.” The orc fell without a sound. The Tower sneered. The orcs moved out of the way. But one orc came forward with a giant spiked mace. He held it up for the Tower. He took it, and practiced. He put his hand down and patted the head of the orc. The Tower walked away from the group. Many hours later, he walked up a hill to the top, where at the horizon was the city of Gondor. In his head, he heard his master. “The Tower, I presume? Good, then you know what to do. Now, do it.” “The Tower will get it done, Master Talon.” The Tower walked closer to the city, making his way to the gate through the woods. When he was making his way to the gate, he saw a torch come towards him. It was a small child. The child stopped in front of the Tower. The Tower bent down on one knee and put his hand on the kids shoulders. Suddenly, there was a light from the Tower’s hand, and the child’s eyes glowed. He turned around and went back. The kids friend came to him. “Well, what did you see?” The kid shook his head. “Nothing. Just the woods being the woods.” The boys walked away. The Tower continued through the woods to the gate. Only one guard was at the front. He watched the front, making sure no one was able to get in. He noticed the Tower coming from the woods, and he went to investigate. “Oy, you freak! Move along. No one in the city of Gondor without permission.” The Tower just walked up to him and grabbed him by the head, lifted him up horizontally, then broke the guard’s back on his knee. “No one will stop…The Tower.” The Tower continued through the gate, scaring everyone in sight. The guards came forward and formed a wall around the Tower. The Tower raised his mace and slammed it down, sending a shockwave of force, sending the guards in all directions. The King Arathorn came down with his iron fist gauntlet to see the commotion. When he saw the Tower, he yelled at him and ran at him with his fist flying towards the monster’s body. But when the punch connected, the Tower didn’t flinch. Instead, he grabbed the King by the arm and raised him to his level. Then he teleported out of the kingdom and to his master’s tower. The Talon was waiting on his throne, tapping the arm of the throne with his metal taloned hand. When he head footsteps outside his door, he stood up. The Tower came through with the King in hand. He threw the king to his feet, and the king kneeled to the Talon. “Good, good. Your job is done. Go back to the wizard, and tell him he will be rewarded.” “Yes…Master.” The Tower teleported away. The King stood up and looked at the Talon. “So good to see you, my dear Arathorn. Come, watch.” The King reluctantly went to the window where he saw orcs rising from the mud. “You see them. They are my children, and they will squash your soldiers like bugs. Don’t you agree?” The Talon grabbed the King’s head and used his magic to read his mind, and after a little while, he stabbed the king through the heart with his blade. The king gurgled, then fell. The Talon took the gauntlet from the king’s hand, and put it on his other hand. “Now I can rule Mordor and Middle Earth With two iron fists. How ironic.” The Talon laughed and laughed while his orc army continued to rise from the mud. “My young will destroy everyone and everything in it’s path, and no one will stop me. No one. No one! NO ONE!!!” The Talon laughed again.

The five friends returned to Corin the Red and his magicians in the forest. They went into the medical tent to find the Hobbit drinking up some ale. “Thank you for helping me in my time of need. I will tell all of the Shire what you did to help me. And the people here.” The five were grateful for the kind words. After meeting up with everyone, Mason said goodbye to all of his friends and Corin. The five rode on to the next part of the forest, where they would be able to get a good view of the valley ahead. Mason looked back at his old home. ‘I understand.” Said Samuel. Mason looked back at him. “I understand what it means to leave your home and think it might be the last. But when you return, you will known as Mason the Yellow, Hero of Middle Earth!” Mason smiled. “True. Ok, you made me better, let’s go to…where are we going?” Samuel looked back. “We are heading back to Gondor to inform everyone that we are going to attack the Talon. Let’s go!” The five friends rode off into the hills to return to Gondor. They rode for hours until it was almost dark. “We need to set up camp somewhere safe and sound.” They set up camp on top of a hill inside of an old cottage. Jack started a fire in the fire place and went right to sleep. Horace slept in a weird position on a bed, and Mason stood outside and watched the area. Samuel and Alicia sat near the fire. Alicia shivered, and Samuel gave her a blanket. “Thank you.” They both sat next to each other. “This has been a very hard and exciting adventure so far. It’s not going to get any easier, is it?” Said Alicia. Samuel shook his head and said nothing. From the roof, Mason looked at a picture that had his parents on it. He smiled. “I promise. I will help the people.” He looked up, and he saw a group of orcs lead by Thakrak the Raven, with his war paint, crow-like helmet, feathers on his shoulders, two curved blades like Jack’s, and his gang of berserkers, dual wielding warriors wearing the same war paint. “You are coming with me! The Dark lord commands!” “You’re messing with the wrong group of kids! We are the new Fellowship! We are here to defeat your master!” Thakrak and his men laughed. “You must be joking. You…beat us? Ha! Funny! Get them, lads!” The uruks charged at them, but Mason blasted them away. “I have learned what it feels like to have friends, and you will never take them away from me!” Everyone else grabbed their weapons and ran outside. Mason charged his staff and held it high. Lightening struck the staff, which Mason fired it at the group of uruks. They all fell dead. Thakrak stood there dumbfounded. “Well, you may have killed my men, but I am not as weak as them. I will make you suffer, for my blades will make you burn!” He slashes his weapons, sending sparks to the blades, lighting them on fire. “It’s time to dance!” He laughed high pitched and did a dance. “Let’s get him guys!” Everyone charged the Uruk Captain, who dodged the attacks. They all clashed their weapons with his in a long and ruthless battle, but they couldn’t get a hit on him. Horace tried to jump-slash him, but Thakrak grabbed the axe, grabbed Horace by the throat, and headbutts him, and throws him away. Alicia tried to shoot him, but he grabbed an arrow and snapped it. He smacked her away. Samuel jumped up and slammed Thakrak down. “Don’t touch her again.” “Well..” He paused, then grabbed his knife and jammed it into his gut. “How about my metal touches your guts?” Samuel tried to speak, but all that came out were gurgles and blood. Thakrak lifted him up, and threw him down. Jack screamed and jammed his knife into the back of the Uruk’s skull. Samuel laid there gurgling. “No. No. No. No. Samuel! Sam! Sammy!” Samuel’s eyes closed. They all watched their friend leave them. But suddenly, there was a shining bright light. A man stepped forward and touched Samuel, who’s wounds heal and he awoke. “Sam! Oh thank the gods you’re alive!” The shining light went down, revealing the man. “Gandalf? Gandalf the White?” “Yes, my children. It is I, Gandalf. I am here to help you, but only with the information I can give you. The King….is dead. You must find him, the Tower.” “ I thought it was the Talon?” “The Tower works for the Talon. You must find him. My powers are useless to you, but the wisdom I give, can shield any blow, and defeat any army. I will always be here for all of you.”

The End of Book 1

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