September 2, 2017


Nova Tazewell has a wild imagination. SO much so, that she passes out every time she imagines. Book--can't read them. Movies--can't watch them. Daydreams--more like daymares. She thought it was just a medical condition. But when she begins to actually disappear into worlds, she begins to think, maybe not.
Her mom refuses to give her answers, but Nova knows that she has them. After all, when your mother fives you a necklace from your absent, and tells you that you are extroidinarily special, you should be suspicious.
She learns that she can disappear at will into these worlds, and gets stuck in a purple city full of fairy tale characters with her friends Emma and Ranger. Maybe humanity isn’t alone in this universe…

Liberty H.


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on Sep. 14 2017 at 7:46 am
WibblyWobblyMadLib SILVER, OKC, Oklahoma
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Bare with me guys, this is my first...anything, to write.


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