Burning Ash

June 7, 2016
By Avenfall, Spotsylvania, Virginia
Avenfall, Spotsylvania, Virginia
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Before I write down so much as one word, I would like to get it out of the way that I am a huge nerd for science and anything relating to in real life and fiction. I came up with the idea after I finished Star Craft 2 Wing of liberty for the first time. I thought to myself, “Hey I could make a story way better than this”. So, after a long while of developing a story, I came up with Burning Ash. Essentially, it is a large vignette of a novel I want to write. I took the assignment as a chance to get the story started. During the revising of my work, a lot of people thought that the story just ends and I have to explain that it’s just a prologue in my novel. While a lot of my classmates had discontent toward this I like how it just goes like this. I didn’t decide to add on that much to the story because it would take away from the ambience I developed. I was a little dissatisfied with myself that I left many of my characters that I developed silent and that my main focus was on some boy that just came out of nowhere while I was writing. I decided to keep it anyway because I figured it helped with creating the looming dread for the world I was making, and how Zeke stood as the bit of hope on my story. Overall, I feel that it stands as a good opening. After this project I’m definitely going to keep working on it. I would give it about a 7 because I see many details I left out that could be added in to make it better. While I am planning to try, I’m not sure if it is good enough to be published yet. I feel this way because I don’t think my style of writing is well liked by other writers. I’m still going to try it anyway when I’m done with it.

Alexander W.

Burning Ash

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