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May 28, 2016
By Clue132 SILVER, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Clue132 SILVER, Harrisonburg, Virginia
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You can Lie to yourself but you can never lie to your heart ~ Meliodas


The whole reasoning for the tower itself was, to say the least, inconceivable. From what she remembered from the history books, there had been a war of some kind over five hundred years earlier. Ever since the night when Princess Natara had sacrificed her life for the protection of the people of Isulduron, the eldest royal child had been given to the dragons on the night of their eighteenth birthday. No one was entirely sure why the practice continued. As far as Kaida was concerned, it was a practice that should have been banned long ago. In reality, the tradition carried on and those destined to disappear remained in the ancient tower until it was time for their journey to the Draconus Caves. They remained until it was their time to die. If she ever wanted to leave this dragon forsaken tower she would need a plan. She would need a diversion.



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