Spirit in a Friendship

September 1, 2015
By Echo-Sweetheart, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Echo-Sweetheart, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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What would you do if you saw your dead best friend?

Theodora Wilmot and Hollie Farmers had been friends since equestrian camp when they were eight years old but when Hollie dies from a hit and run, Theodora doesn't know what to do and she sees Hollie day and night. It gets so out of hand that Theodora's mother and father sends her to an asylum and seven years later, Theodora gets out of the asylum forgetting all about Hollie. Hollie comes back and she can't get back to heaven because someone stole key to heaven and Hollie needs Theodora's help to get back to heaven because the theif was an angel but somehow he or she turned themselves back into a human being. Now it's up to Theodora to get all the angels including Hollie back to heaven.


Spirit in a Friendship

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