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The Bloodbath

March 25, 2015
By Sylvie Evans, Park City, Utah
Sylvie Evans, Park City, Utah
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Addie began her day like any teenager.  She waited at a bus stop.  After having the most normal day ever, seeing a suspicious tattoo on her arm was strange.  That's when she learned she was a keeper.  Being a keeper, she had to summon a follower and survive in a battle between seven followers and seven keepers called, The Bloodbath.


To survive in this terrifying battle, Addie had to gain a ride to Rome.  Her follower, Blade, made it clear that going to the ancient lands was the only way to survive.  After meeting another keeper named Sander, Addie travelled to Rome with trials attacking on the way.


Follow Addie through her trials and battles and watch her grow as a person while she learns how to survive. 

Sylvie E.

The Bloodbath

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