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Tales of Greenvillage

December 19, 2014
By gracemb44, Wellesley, Massachusetts
gracemb44, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Today is the day. Finally the idea that had taken so long to form is finished. It is April 16, 2012 a warm spring day. The perfect day for everyone to move into Greenvillage. Greenvillage is a society created by three children Bianca, Emily, and Raine. The nature society that would change the perspective on children. Located on Morses Pond in Wellesley Massachusetts it is a town of nature. Everyone lived in treehouses, bikes and scooters were made out of branches and vines, and clothing made out of flowers and leaves. Each child was allowed to bring one bag of items from their previous life, into the new.

Grace B.

Tales of Greenvillage

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