The Vital Structure: City of the Stolen

December 11, 2014
By LuisaMarie BRONZE, omaha, Nebraska
LuisaMarie BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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May Calcifer looked out the window, tears prickling at the corners of her eyes, as the sun hit her face at just the right angle to show her beauty.

Her eyes were like Mays, each a different color, one crimson and the other sapphire.

"She came for both of us May," Verena said, her eyes pervaded with a sight that could only be masked with her words, "'Stay silent and only then will you hide' she said.

She didn't know what was to happen next, until the bird swopping over her head, causing her hood to slide off her head. People were looking at her, grinning, May looked at her shoulder, quaintly the bird sat upright with the most impossible posture and the reflection of the flameing bird had shown in her eyes.

He looked at her in surprisment, "Yeah, I guess." "What happened?" He chuckled, "It takes a lot of energy to muster up flames like that. But to let them die down, it's literally painful." May's head still down, she says, "What do you mean?" The boy takes a sip of water, "My fire is like a part of me, like my arm or leg," he says, motioning towards them, "If I cut it, it stings. But with this, it's like cutting off one of my limbs. You have to control it, see." He says, flicking his thumb nail against his palm, igniting a small flame in his hand.

May eyes enlarged, still unable to be seen, she whispered, "That's amazing." The boy chuckled again, "It's nothing really," he poked my shoulder, "But if this conversation is going to continue, can you at least make eye contact with me?" May hesitated, but thought her eyes wouldn't be a big deal from all the happenings around her, his flames practically pouring from his hands.

"Your eyes," he started quietly, and squinted, to see if they were real, "They're-"

"Different," May says, cutting him off short, "I know."

Luisa U.

The Vital Structure: City of the Stolen

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