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October 5, 2014
By Brelaw67 PLATINUM, Evansville, Wisconsin
Brelaw67 PLATINUM, Evansville, Wisconsin
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My own experience is that once a story has been written, one has to cross out the beginning and the end. It is there that we authors do most of our lying.
- Anton Chekhov


The Angelus Dimidiam. We are a proud and strong people, carrying out God's will once he gives the word. We are not easily seen. There are millions of us and we hide amongst you. We start out as winged Putti, flying around like winged babies. The Angelus Dimidiam were once innocent winged creatures, a peaceful lot, but all of that is changing. My father, the infamous Brackman, had started that. He had betrayed God long ago with my mother at his side. Now my sister and myself were left to live with our grandpa. The day has come, that I must take up my grandfather's name and avenge our family. Michael has told me that I must take his place amongst the seven and that is what I'm going to do.


Blank Slate

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