Star-Face: The Beginning

September 27, 2013
By a-living-mystery BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
a-living-mystery BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
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Yesterday was history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift that is why it's called the present.


A knock on the door wakens me from my peaceful sleep. My eyes still hazy with sleep, I stumble to the open my bedroom door to find my family standing there, grins ear to ear, with a large cake in their hands. They began singing ' Happy Birthd.ay' out of key which made me laugh. The twins at a mere age of three sang it not only out of tune but with no correct words. "What a beautiful cake! Thank you so much," I gushed as I took a swipe at the frosting. I licked the rich vanilla off my fingers with a big grin. "Happy barfday, Lil,"said little Tommy in his sweet angelic voice. "Yeah, happy barfday!" said his adorable twin sister, Joy. "Do you mean birthday? Because barfday sounds kind of smelly, silly geese," I said with a huge smile across my face as I reached out to tickle, " now give your big sis a hug before she gets ready for school." They wrapped their little arms around me and then they ran off. I watched as the ran down the hall, into their playroom, and then I turned to my father with a sorrowful look because I knew today can change everything.

Natalie S.

Star-Face: The Beginning

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