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The Native

April 26, 2013
By vgoods16, Coronado, California
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vgoods16, Coronado, California
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She hadn’t seen the new school yet. As her mother rolled up in their new range rover she felt completely different then 4 years ago when she lived here. All she wanted was to find her best friend and cling on for dear life. She knew she’d have to lie to her about why she came back.

Right as she got out of the car heads turned. She assumed people were already gossiping about her return; she was the newest scandal. Her dark brown hair whispered behind her face leaving her no curtain of disguise. She looked straight ahead trying to figure out which door led to the office. She heard a brief goodbye from her mother as she walked into the school. She saw some faces she recognized but none the one she was looking for. She was a different person now. No longer self-centered and self-serving. But she still loved the way people looked at her. Every girl was shooting daggers her way at her toned genetically curvy body. Every guy looked at her with lust. It gave her a thrill having that power over people. She was Native American through and through and the spirits seemed to favor her.

As she entered the office she looked for her best friend but she was nowhere to be found. She wished she had talked about meeting at a specific spot now. She grabbed her schedule and locker number from the lady at the front desk and quickly left. Everyone around her was chatting about their summer and which boy or girl they had had sex with. Sutton was different, no boy had scored with her, sure she had had her fill of flings and boyfriends but none had been deemed good enough. Now with her matured body and gorgeous tan skin no man stood a chance. Before she had always been the crazy one who flitted from boy to boy but she was over that now.

She made her way to her locker still feeling peoples eyes. Buying time by organizing her stuff. Then she heard it, the glorious flit of laughter. She turned grinning widely to see her gorgeous green eyed best friend Regina making her way towards her. All their life they had talked about how they would take over high school together and now; junior year, they’d get their chance.

“Have you seen him?” Only two people in the world knew of Sutton’s insistent adoration of Jason.

“Shh, no I haven’t. What are all these girls looking at?”

Regina’s eyes glinted with amusement, “Every girl here is just hoping that you don’t take their boyfriends away from them.”

Sutton couldn’t help but laugh. “Ha ha, that’s just ridiculous, I am many things but a home-wrecker is not one of them.”

They hugged, “Have I told you how amazing you look?” Regina skimmed over her new body obviously wondering how she lost the weight and how her hair fell in perfect waves.

“You don’t look too bad yourself. Where’s Aimee we need to celebrate our reunion!” Sutton glanced around.

“She should be here any moment I snagged your locker number from the office and texted it to her.” Regina smiled.

“Mischievous as usual I see.”

“Aw, you got here before me!”

Sutton turned to see her beautiful slender blonde step sister glide towards her. “Aimee!” As they hugged Sutton noticed that the whole hall was watching the exchange like it was some lame reality TV show.

Aimee gleamed, “So how is my dear sister, have you seen him yet?” Aimee was the other person who knew of Jason.

“No, I’m not worried about that I’m worried about finding my first class this school is like a maze.” Sutton glanced at her schedule not recognizing any of her teachers’ names.

“Don’t worry Regina made sure we have all the same classes together I guess it pays having your dad as the mayor.” Aimee chirped.

“Well then let’s go!” Sutton sighed with relief.

The three girls started walking through the sea of high schoolers looking like three goddesses; all perfect opposites. Regina with her green eyes, olive skin, and tennis built body. Aimee blue eyed, pale complexion, sleek blonde hair, and model height. Sutton a perfect Indian Aphrodite, hourglass figure, and brown eyes gleaming at the reunion of her soul mates. The crowd parted in awe at the three girls. And then came Lauren.

Sutton spotted her right away and mumbled “Oh look its the princess from hell.” Lauren walked up auburn hair curtained around her freckled skin.

“Hello Sutton, welcome back. I see old habits die hard.” She said skimming over the trio, always jealous she wasn’t a part of it.

“Lauren I thought I’d at least get a day before I had to see you, aren’t you usually getting stoned on the first day? That’s always been your tradition.”Sutton had quickly responded.

Regina smoothly cut in, “Hey that’s the first bell no reason to start a fight before the school year has even begun you’ll give the freshman a heart attack.” Lauren and her groupies walked past looking like a group of scolded puppies as they cowered from the three girls. Lauren with her head held high walked away in a huff.

“She’s probably so pissed your back and looking better then ever. Henry already liked you before but now he’s going to be obsessed.” Aimee twittered blood rushing to her cheeks with excitement at the year to come.

“I have no interest in Henry.” Sutton dismissed. “Who is that?” Sutton exclaimed. Right as they turned the corner they saw a crowd around one guy. Tall, tan, blonde, and blue-eyed. Sutton’s heart fluttered at the sight of his perfect features.

“That’s Jeremy, he’s new he arrived at the beginning of the summer. Lauren’s been after him for three months and not once has he looked her way. No one knows his story, but apparently he’s rich.” As if he’d heard Aimee he turned their way breaking from the flock of people surrounding him. Sutton hidden from his view behind Aimee watched as he strolled away with not even a glance at the three girls. Sutton’s eyes shimmered as his gold hair disappeared

“Oh, I know that look. Sutton, remember Jason; at least he’s attainable. Jeremy’s like a new species of men, he’s probably gay. Lauren’s the queen of the school right now and he rejected her. She’s settled for Henry but really what is with you and unwinnable boys?” Regina said rapidly not one word Sutton had registered.

Coming back to her senses, Sutton eased the tension, “It’s okay. I was just surprised. You never mentioned the new gorgeous blonde.”

Aimee giggled “Of course you were, he’s completely your type and he has the whole brooding mysteriousness you love. But Regina’s right he is unattainable.”
Aimee’s mischievousness got the best of her knowing she could set Sutton on the chase, but Sutton boldly fought it. “No, Regina’s right I always do this. No more stressful adventures. I told you I had changed. We’re just going to be normal teenagers from now on.” Sutton said unconvincingly. Knowing that this was so far from the truth but not knowing how much to let her friends in on; no matter how much she trusted them.

As they went to Chemistry Sutton realized this year would be different from all the rest. She was different then everyone else; which is what she had always wanted, but her father had warned her that her new self wasn’t something she understood yet and that she needed to keep it a secret until she had it figured out. She couldn’t let this new boy distract her and she still had to keep her friends convinced that Jason was what she had came back for.

They joined the silent chemistry class still babbling, eventually they realized as they entered that they were late. A young man; obviously a newer teacher looked reprovingly.

“Glad you could join us ladies please find your assigned seats.” Great assigned seating Sutton thought. As she looked at the chart to see who she was sitting by, Oh s***, what now? She was stuck sitting right next to Lauren. She looked at her friends in alarm, as she made her way to her seat. Lauren wasn’t there yet, so she sat down glad that Aimee was right in front of her.

“This should be interesting...” Aimee giggled hoping for a show. Sutton looked around. Their new teacher was very handsome, he was tan with brown eyes much like hers. He had muscular arms that rippled under his green button up shirt, as he picked up a stack of papers. Right as the bell rang Lauren stormed into class.

“Oh hey, you’re the teacher? I’m Lauren” She gazed at him sticking her hand out for him to shake.

“You’re seat’s over there Ms. Leary. Please take your seat” He didn’t even glance at her outstretched hand. She looked at Sutton and the smile dropped off her face.

“Oh no, that won’t do. You see I have bad eyesight and need to sit at the very front of the class.” He looked at her with annoyance.

“Fine. You, sit back there, Lauren you can have his seat.” A scrawny awkward kid moved to the seat next to Sutton. He glanced at her then quickly looked away.

“Hi, I’m Sutton.” She gave him her beautiful smile. The kid’s face looked pretty pale at that point and she was afraid he might pass out.

He nodded his head and sat down without a word. Well this is great. She began taking notes as the sexy Mr. Thomson went on with his lecture.

The bell finally rang and they all left. Aimee blurted out, “He was amazing!” Sutton looked at her questioningly trying to recall what was amazing about that boring hour of Chemistry and Lauren’s constant questions. Which Sutton was pretty sure she just asked so she could hear herself talk.

Regina seeing Sutton’s obvious confusion explained, “That teacher is so fine.”

“Wait, look.” Aimee nodded. Walking through the hall was Jason. Olive skinned with glistening blue eyes he drifted down the hall the whole time high-fiving everyone he walked by. Sutton stared with fake interest. But Jason saw her, for the first time he noticed the dazzling individual that had been in front of him all these years. Sutton was wearing a full length skirt and crocheted white shirt showing off her slim stomach and he was taking it all in. He walked over to her not able to pry his eyes away or notice the other girls in the hall who were trying to get his attention.

“So you’re back? For good this time I hope.” He grinned at her and she couldn’t help but melt a little inside.

“Yeah, I’m back. I might stay if anything interests me.” She said smoothly not putting much emotion into her words.

He moved a step closer and whispered barely audible so only she could hear, “Well than I better make sure I keep you interested.” His breath tickled her ear gliding down her chin to her collarbone, she felt chills down her spine, but didn’t let on.

“Good luck, that won’t be an easy task.” Sutton cooly responded then glided past him letting him feel her breasts brush against his chest as she went.

Regina glanced back, “He’s still looking.”

Sutton grinned, “That was too easy.”

Aimee squealed, “Oh my god that was so good the whole school will be talking about that! Hey, but seriously I call dibs on the chemistry teacher. He is sexy, mmm.”

The other girls laughed, “Always going for older men Aims.”

They strolled to their next class arm in arm chattering about all the drama that had passed in only one period.

As they entered their history class Sutton heard a familiar voice, “Sutton!” Henry jumped up from his desk next to Lauren and ran to hug her. He was one of her only close guy friends.

“I missed you!” Sutton felt relief when Henry’s arms were around her. It reminded her of her childhood of running around his family’s large estate; she always felt safe with him.

“Henry come sit down class is about to start.” Lauren cut in, annoyed no one had noticed her.

Sutton grinned as Henry not noticing Lauren’s rage at his hug said, “I think I’m going to sit next to Sutton I haven’t seen her in years.” Then he turned his back on her and led Sutton to the other side of the room to four empty desks.

By the end of the day the whole school was talking about Sutton’s return and the formidable trio. Everyone wondering what the school year would bring; which boy she would choose, whether or not Lauren and her would get in a fist fight, but most intriguing was Jeremy. He hadn’t shown up to the only class Sutton had with him and she was curious. ****************************************************************************************************

“Wait, so he didn’t go to any other classes? Does he skip school often?” Sutton asked Aimee as they were doing their homework in the kitchen.

“No, he’s actually a pretty good student. One of the smartest in our class. Maybe he forgot something at home or just wasn’t feeling the first day of school.” Aimee said absentmindedly.

“Hey babe!” Sutton’s dad walked in the house jolly as always.

“Dad!” Sutton jumped up and hugged him. Sutton hadn’t seen her dad, Larry since Christmas. A few years ago she had moved to Coronado, California with her mom and step dad Marty because of her step dad’s job. Now that Marty was retired they moved back to Washington so Sutton could finish out high school with Aimee, Regina, and her father Larry. However, they mostly moved back because of her transformation. Aimee didn’t like Sutton’s dad very much but they tolerated each other when Sutton was around.

“You ready to go I have someone I want you to meet.” Sutton got her bag and phone.

Aimee looked up, “Where are you going?”

Sutton glanced at her dad knowingly and thought of something fast. “We’re taking Coda to dad’s old cabin where Zach and I grew up. I would’ve invited you but I assumed you wouldn’t want to go.” Larry started for the door and grabbed his keys no longer interested in the conversation.

“No it’s fine I need to practice my flute anyways.” Aimee was one of the few band geeks that were socially accepted at the school.

Sutton followed her dad out to his F-150.

He looked at her. “You wanna drive?”

“Uh, no. I don’t know where we’re going. Plus I’m not so sure I can drive that huge thing.”

He chuckled, “Where’s that fancy new car your mom bought you?” Sutton knew it bothered her dad that her mom had bought her her dream car. He believed in working for things, but she wasn’t about to reject it.

“She needed it for the day her Audi is in the shop. Hey, so where are we going?” Larry looked at her wondering if he should wait to tell her everything.

“I met a lady from the reservation who might be able to tell you a little bit more about yourself.”

Sutton got into the car, “Oh, okay she isn’t going to perform some creepy ritual or anything right?” They were headed out of Issaquah -a suburb of Seattle- into the less populated areas. “Where does this lady live?” Sutton questioned as they went south.
“Near Muckleshoot it’s the closest Indian reservation, though it’s pretty small.” Sutton sighed at the 40 minute drive ahead. They began to talk about the changes she had felt after the incident.

“I can’t really explain it, I had that dream I told you about and I woke up feeling stronger and leaner like I could run a marathon and not get tired.”

Larry laughed, “Well considering you’ve never been very athletic that is different. I think this lady will help, I told her a little bit about what happened and she seemed very interested.”

Sutton glanced at him, “Of course she’s interested I sound like I’m going crazy. Everyone loves a crazy.”

They turned into another wooded road and Sutton heard whispers.

“Do you hear that?” She looked around the car, all the windows were up.

Her father crinkled his brow, “Hear what?” Sutton heard someone yelling.

“Dad! Stop the car!” He stopped and she jumped out. They were on a thin country road that was surrounded by woods with huge evergreen trees. Running towards the scream of pain, she could feel the distress in her every bone. As she ran over branches and past trees she heard her dad yelling at her, confused. The scream got louder as she got closer. Then she saw it. In between two trees was a horse laying on its side nostrils flaring. Sutton took a few seconds to take in the scene but the screaming in her head was distracting. She finally noticed a deep puncture wound in its upper thigh. There was blood everywhere. The scream was now all that Sutton could hear and the pain was searing. Sutton staggered over to it trying not to barf from the smell as she bent to look closer; she touched the horses barrel; blood staining her clothes. At that moment all the pain flooded into her and the screaming stopped. Then everything went black.

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