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Untouched Love

April 16, 2013
By Alexandrian, North Baltimore, Ohio
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Alexandrian, North Baltimore, Ohio
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Author's note: I put what I dreamed my life to be like. Not the fantasy of course but the details that are described that can be very real in life today.

He pulled up on the far side of the field where trees were between him and their hideout, out of sight, out of mind. Riku started sprinting through the trees, dodging them as they came to him until he had ran out into the hideout. He hid behind some rocks and bushes as he saw the open area of the crystal clear lake, seeing Taylor standing there out in the open with Natalya circling around her in a tormenting way.
“Why,” asked Taylor?
“You have my boyfriend. You’ve had him for a long time and yet, I had better hair, I had the greater body, a dazzling smile, perfect skin, the money, and I was even more popular than you. I’m sure I could have even been a better girl for a man like Riku than you could ever be. But he chose you over me all these years and look, he is a vampire, and you’re just a human. He doesn’t want you; he could kill you like that,” and Natalya snapped her fingers while speaking.
Taylor said back, “He wouldn’t, its Riku.”
“No he isn’t. He is different now a vampire, something I am now and what you will never be, which makes me even more perfect for him. That’s why he will have me as his new girlfriend when you’re dead,” Natalya said with a confident grin.
“I was going to kill you myself and drink your blood but I don’t want to stain my pure immortal body with your soon to be dead, disease ridden corpse,” Natalya said as she raised her hand and the ground began to shake beneath their feet.
Pillars began to rise from the land between the lake and the trees. The pillars came to be ancient burial stones and the rain had picked up as it was pouring down while the sky was still lightning. The visions of the dead vampires from the past came uprising from the ground and became solid from apparitions.
“Here are the vampires who fought to try and rule the humans. They power me and your soul shall be their slave when you die,” and Natalya smiled as the apparitions flew after Taylor and grabbed her, restraining her. Natalya came and bit her neck, injecting venom into her bloodstream.
“You’re going to be paralyzed now and you’re going to slowly die as the venom overtakes you. You shall die here and maybe see Riku take me as his girlfriend right here,” said Natalya.
The vampires flew her to the burial grounds and placed her in a floating casket that placed leaning up against a tombstone. Riku ran out, enraged and beautiful, into the open rain drenching his cloths. Natalya turned around and smiled.
“What took you so long baby? You missed the best part,” she said pointing at Taylor. Riku hissed before roaring and dashing towards Natalya. The other vampires were gawking and watching amused at Riku. As Riku approached Natalya, he reached his arm out to strike her down but she ducked and grabbed his arm, turning the tables and slamming him into the ground by flipping him over. As she jumped back to where she first was standing, Riku looked up with anger in his blood red eyes. He pushed himself up in a poised stance and lunged at Natalya, but she moved her body faster than Riku thought she could to the side to evade him. He caught himself by landing on his feet and he swung his arm back to hit her. She ducked under his arm and instantly spun her leg to trip him under his feet. Instantly standing up after swinging her leg, she put her hand on his chest and pushed straight into the ground and stones. She ripped through his shirt with her nails clenched on tight as she started running and was dragging him in the dirt towards the trees some thirty feet. She stopped to lean down and kiss him on his lips and she pounced back thirty feet. He had tried swinging at her but failed as she was already gone. She pointed to Taylor as the casket began to levitate and follow Natalya’s finger.
Pointing to the water, the casket moved over above it,
“The water is turning red with blood of all the humans, creatures and vampires that these vampires killed,” she said as she moved her finger from the water to the solid vampires while Riku stood up pondering his thoughts in his head.
Riku thought for a moment, looking at Natalya, then to the vampires, and finally at Taylor. He stood there, enraged, staring and glaring, breathing heavily; poised in a pouncing stance. His clothing was tattered and drowned in water, stained with dirt and mud, standing there on the field across from Natalya with the ground between them being scattered in pieces and tore apart. Natalya, having lustrous beauty and devilishness intentions stood there across from Riku smirking, seeming as though she has been untouched physically, mentally, and emotionally. The rain not affecting her as she stood, she was poised as elegance and gesturing a taunting vibe from her well-being. And then he remembered what the little girl’s riddle was. He had been looking for answers all this time and it took him up until now to realize the answer. He fell to his knees, head bobbed down and his hands between his thighs. Taylor watched as he did this, with a tear dropping from her cheek into the lake.
“Soon her blood will join those that have been spilt before her but not before she witnesses me become your girl,” said Natalya confidently.
She used her powers to levitate Riku to herself, the vampires all-laughing demonically. She made him rise to his feet as she put her hand under his chin and lifted his head followed by a kiss. She kissed him as she did on the night of the party, exactly the same way.
She turned to look at Taylor and said, “Now to complete the deal, I get Riku and my full powers in exchange for a sacred human to be sacrificed so these vampires can be born again to roam the earth.”
Natalya turned his head so his neck was showing to her. As she went to bite his neck, he opened his mouth and made a low sound with an unknown language that made him disappear. He was gone out of thin air and this made Natalya roar in anger.
“No! Riku,” she said as her voice screeched.
She turned to Taylor and said, “This is all your fault! I will kill you myself!”
She crouched down into a pouncing position and hurled herself at Taylor, screaming in anger and jealousy. Just before she could be in arms reach of Taylor, Riku reappeared in between Natalya and Taylor. Catching Natalya off guard, he bit her neck, and began to start drinking her blood. Natalya eyes opened in shock and pain as her body cringed, screaming, while she clawed and scratched at him until she broke free. When she finally did break free, she put her shoe on his stomach and kicked him back, sending him flying, than crashing, and finally skidding across the rocks as she fell into the blood filled lake. The vampires looked with shock in their faces at Riku and the lake. Taylor, slowly closing in on her last minutes to live, looked at Riku as well. After Riku took a minute to recuperate and stand to his feet, Natalya suddenly roared up from the blood and jumped onto the center rock.
She held her neck and said, “Fine Riku… If you won’t let me have you, than you can die with your pathetic girlfriend.”
Natalya looked over at the vampires and shook her head in a form of approval. The vampires began swarming Natalya, each possessing her body as Riku stood up heavily looking at her. Her body began to transform into something else; her nails growing longer and sharper, her eyes began to turn black as Death’s, and her pupils were a silver color like Riku’s natural eye color. All of her teeth became perfectly formed fangs with minor jaggedness on the back of them. Finally, her body had a ominous dark glow and Riku could sense that her body had much more greater power than she had before even though her body didn’t look like it changed.
“I have acquired more power and abilities than I just had a few minutes ago Riku,” she said.
As the rest of the vampires vanished around Natalya, Riku could see her in front of him, visualizing her in his mind since his eyes have been closed since when he fell to his knees. Natalya looked at him and pointed at him, using her power to levitate Riku to her. As he was in front of her after being levitated to her, she kissed him, playfully biting his lip but not leaving a mark on him. He couldn’t move but he tried to move and escape her grip over his body.
She said, “It’s useless. My powers render your body paralyzed and mine to control,” but her voice sounded like it was partially her own and a demonic spirit put together. “Why have you not opened your eyes since going down to your knees? Am I that repulsive,” she asked him rhetorically and laughing while asking it.
She went to reach for his face and as she inch closer and closer, he forced his eyes open. She had a scarce look on her face, as his eyes were the color of topaz; the form that every vampire yearned to acquire. He, in that very moment, had received everything a vampire could have learned in many of lifetimes. He had lived the beginning of their existence, the current present, and the possible future they could of had if their species wasn’t extinct. All the unanswered riddles, puzzles, and secrets unlocked. Wonders discovered and exploited, the ultimate vampire right before her eyes, in her presence. She started to believe that the inevitable had come true but the vampires that possessed her spoke with her mind saying and reassuring her that a flaw was there with Riku and this made Natalya smile.
Natalya went to swing and hit Riku with her claws but he evaded her swing by ducking his head. He grabbed her cloths to break free of her control and he threw her into the rubble that was tore up ground. He levitated down of his own free will and pounced at her but she flipped herself up and backwards away from his strike. His strike hit the ground, leaving an indent in the ground a few feet deep, which Natalya took advantage and kick him in the face. His body flew backsliding against the ground heavily and hard. He held his jaw, spitting blood on the ground, but as the blood hit the ground, Natalya went a little crazed while her body twitched as if cold chills went through her body. Riku realized that she was still a newborn vampire and that she still craved blood more than anything else right now, always craving it.
Once he realized this, he quickly pounced at Natalya, holding her from going to the lake since it was filled with blood. He knew that if she went into the lake, it would make her stronger, returning strength to her like it did when she fell in before. A loud scream came out of nowhere, louder than anything else heard in the time that he was there. A voice he recognized and could no matter where or when he was. He looked over at Taylor, her mouth letting out a scream, louder than any scream he had ever heard from her. Than her body collapsed within the casket and her body fell into the lake. His beautiful topaz eyes had tears swimming down to his cheeks and down his face. He went running into the lake where Taylor’s body fell in as Natalya jumped in after him. Riku surfaced with Taylor’s body in his arms and walked out of the lake to the grass where he laid her lifeless body down.
He began to cry more as he said, “I’m sorry Taylor… I wish this never happened or to you… I want to take everything back. I should have died, not you… Taylor, I remember your question from so many years ago and the answer is yes. Yes I would of dated you if you were here right now. Yes because I wanted you more than anything, more than dating. I wanted to marry you and be together forever… Taylor, I love you,” and he said this as if his words were escaping his lips.

But suddenly, Natalya rose screeching, “No! You cant and never will!” She vanished as he stood up, looking around him to spot where she was. She reappeared in front of him with both striking at each other simultaneously until they both pushed each other back an equal distance apart. They both caught themselves from falling as their feet skidded across the ground. As they got down as if going to pounce at each other, a glow came from Taylor’s body, which caught both of their attention. The glow soared high into the air from Taylor’s body, shining bright, mystically showing a very transparent figure from it.
They both looked closely to see that it was Taylor in the air with a hard to make out halo, a golden gown over her, and angel wings. She floated down to Riku as he watched the Taylor looking angel come towards him. She came to him and stared into his eyes as he stared back. As he gazed at her, she put her hand on his chest where his heart would be and started fading into him. He began to float up in the air with the same glow. He looked at his hands as he noticed that he was beginning to turn human again. Natalya saw this as well.
Laughing, she said, “Human again? Looks like she wants you to die.” But as he turned completely human, he felt his heart beating again, for real this time. Two radiant but transparent wings formed from his back. “An angel? Oh please,” said Natalya.
She crouched down and pounced up into the air, going to strike Riku but he saw her. He flew at her reaching his hand out and as she came to him, he went right through her, grabbing the vampires from within her and pulling them out with him. Natalya crashed to the ground as she returned to a normal vampire. Riku landed as the vampire spirits disappeared from his hand. He turned around and saw Natalya on the ground looking at him. He flew over to her, grabbed her and tried biting her but something was wrong, his fangs were gone. He looked up and realized he was human and not a vampire, and as he realized this, the vampire spirits all started swarming in a circle on the far side of the area, forming one big spirit that grew in size. Once all the spirits joined together, a demonic looking, demon spirit stood about thirty feet tall.
It looked at Riku as it said, “If she cant do out work for us, you will.”

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